translated from Spanish: Colombia: Bill to Grant Pet Death License

In Colombia, workers who lose their pet could access two days of paid mourning leave. This is established by the bill that was presented on September 16 before the House of Representatives. The initiative led by Alejandro Carlos Chacón, liberal representative of Norte de Santander, applies to any worker “whatever their type of hiring or employment relationship.” In this sense, the employer will have the obligation to grant the worker the paid mourning leave for the death of his domestic companion animal and the worker will have the duty to “inform the employer that within his family there is a pet”… requirement to access the benefit. The bill contemplates sanctions for people who lie about the death of the pet. It also clarifies that this type of license cannot be used if the pet is a wild or exotic animal. 

The worker must carry summary proof that proves the death of the pet to be able to take the two days of mourning. “The sentimental bond between humans and pets is increasingly important for people. Consequently, when the animal dies, a considerable emotional affectation is generated in the human being. That is why it is important that people can assume grief and its different stages, in particular the first phase, in an intimate time and space in which commitments or work tasks do not interfere in that process of acceptance and emotional trauma, “said the Senator who presented the proposal. The bill must pass 4 debates between the Senate and House of Representatives to become law and these are its articles: 
Article 1. Purpose: The purpose of this law is to establish the obligation of the employer to grant the worker paid mourning leave for the death of his pet and the duty of the worker to inform the employer that within his family there is a domestic pet as a requirement to access the benefit.
Article 2. Add to article 57 of the Substantive Labour Code paragraph 12: Article 57. Special obligations of the employer are: Numeral 12. Grant the worker in the event of the death of his pet a paid leave for mourning of two (2) business days, regardless of their type of contracting or employment relationship. The worker must provide summary evidence that proves the death of the domestic pet. The information in this summary evidence must coincide with the provisions of article 58, paragraph 9, of the Substantive Labour Code. In case of incurring in falsehood, the sanctions established by law will be applied.
Paragraph 1. The employer shall not be obliged to grant paid leave for mourning two days for the death of the domestic pet when the worker does not comply with the provisions of this law.
Paragraph 2. Paid mourning leave will not apply to wild and exotic animals in accordance with the provisions of Law 1333 of 2009 and Title XI of Law 599 of 2000.
Article 3. Add to article 58 of the Substantive Labour Code, the following paragraph: Article 58. Special obligations of the worker are: Numeral 9º. The worker must inform the employer in writing, at the beginning of the employment relationship or in the course of it, no later than two days 5 days after the acquisition or adoption of the animal, that within his family there is a domestic pet.

Paragraph. To comply with the provisions of paragraph 9 of article 58 of the Substantive Code of the Worker, the worker must provide the vaccination card of the domestic pet or failing that a document that must contain the following information: name, species, image and other general physical characteristics that allow the identification and individualization of the animal. The above information provided will be part of the worker’s resume. 
Article 4. Promulgation and repeal. This law shall apply from the date of its promulgation and repeals all provisions contrary to it.

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