translated from Spanish: Distribute more than 1.37 million doses of AstraZeneca and Sputnik V

Last Saturday, the national government began the distribution of more than 1.37 million doses of the Sputnik V vaccines and AstraZeneca.La same, which will end on Tuesday, includes the delivery of 842,400 serums from the British laboratory and 533,625 from the second component of the one developed by Gamaleya, thus giving a total of 1,376,025 inoculants distributed in the 24 jurisdictions of Argentina.

Of the more than 67 million vaccines that Argentina received, 55,269,629 have already been distributed. Photo: Télam

The doses of AstraZeneca, which arrived donated by Spain through COVAX, were distributed between Saturday and Sunday and, according to the distribution criteria, this was the delivery: 325,700 doses to the province of Buenos Aires; 56,600 to CABA; 7,700 to Catamarca; 22,400 to Chaco; 11,600 to Chubut; 69,800 to Córdoba; 20,800 to Corrientes; 25,700 to Entre Ríos; 11,200 to Formosa; 14,400 to Jujuy; 6,600 to La Pampa; 7,300 to La Rioja; 37,000 to Mendoza; 23,400 to Misiones; 12,400 to Neuquén; 13,900 to Río Negro; 26,500 to Salta; 14,400 to San Juan; 9,600 to St. Louis; 6,900 to Santa Cruz; 65,500 to Santa Fe; 18,200 to Santiago del Estero; 3,300 to Tierra del Fuego and 31,500 to Tucumán.La distribution of Sputnik V doses, which will be to complete vaccination schedules, will be given between monday and Tuesday and will comprise: 206,550 to the province of Buenos Aires; 36,000 to CABA; 4,950 to Catamarca; 14,400 to Chaco; 7,200 to Chubut; 44,450 to Córdoba; 13,050 to Corrientes; 16,200 to Entre Ríos; 7,200 to Formosa; 9,000 to Jujuy; 4,250 to La Pampa; 4,500 to La Rioja; 23,375 to Mendoza; 14,750 to Misiones; 7,875 to Neuquén; 8,750 to Río Negro; 16,875 to Salta; 9,000 to San Juan; 5,875 to St. Louis; 4,375 to Santa Cruz; 41,500 to Santa Fe; 11,375 to Santiago del Estero; 2,125 to Tierra del Fuego and 20,000 to Tucumán.

Capture of the Public Vaccination Monitor at 5:44 A.M. on Monday, September 27, 2021.

Last Sunday, with the arrival of 200,000 new doses of CanSino, Argentina reached 67,708,045 doses received to combat COVID-19 since the beginning of the vaccination campaign. Of that total, according to the Public Vaccination Monitor, more than 55.2 million doses distributed throughout the country were distributed 55.269.629.De, 50,910,055 were applied since December of last year: 29,461,798 as the first dose and 21,448,257 as the second to complete the vaccination schedule.
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