translated from Spanish: Morena proposes preventive detention for crimes committed with toy weapons

Morena legislators in the Chamber of Deputies presented an initiative to give informal preventive detention to people who commit crimes with toy firearms or replicas. This is because, according to the Morenistas, not applying some type of punishment to criminals who comment on crimes with the indicated method could reoffend. María Guadalupe Román de Morena pointed out that, although toy weapons are not lethal, they can be used to commit crimes since they can threaten and intimidate.” Given the punitive difference that exists in the aggravating circumstance of using a real firearm, the probability that the offender will face a greater sanction for the crime committed is minimal,” he said, adding that it is almost impossible for criminals to be granted informal preventive detention. The proposal of the Morenistas seeks to reform the National Code of Criminal Procedures with the intention that if proposal is viable in some cases. The legislator of the Morena caucus pointed out that, although they are toy weapons, the psychological and moral damage is the same as if the illicit was carried out with a real firearm. Read more: Infidelity of the President? She is Geraldine Ponce, the model and politician who relate to AMLOAñadió that replica weapons are regulated by the official Mexican standard NOM-161- SCFI-2003, and it establishes the rules for the manufacture and commercialization of this type of artifacts. AMLO affirms that Mexico will achieve self-sufficiency in fuels

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