translated from Spanish: Six conventional of Vamos por Chile will present an appeal against the board of directors for “impossibility of debating”

During this Monday it was confirmed that six conventions of Chile Vamos, will present an appeal for protection before the Court of Appeals, against the board of directors of the Constitutional Convention due to an “impossibility of debate”, so they seek to annul the votes of the indications to the general regulations. These are Rocío Cantuarias (Evopoli), Martín Arrau (UDI), Teresa Marinovic (Ind.), Harry Jürgensen (RN), Ruth Hurtado (Ind.) and Margarita Letelier (UDI), who have felt that their freedom of expression has been “violated”. Jürgensen maintained that “the commissions themselves did not do their job well, because it was necessary to apply to the regulation almost 1,200 indications, which are not debated, in circumstances that the provisional regulation itself that we have fixed that all the indications have debate”. He added that “our rights are being violated here.” He also said that “we will make all the necessary efforts to do, because this also violates the rights of our own voters, who trust that we can represent their opinions in this constitutional convention.” In the same vein, his counterpart Ruth Hurtado said that “our freedom of expression of opinion is being violated without prior censorship.” For its part, the board of directors led by its president Elisa Loncón and its vice president, Jaime Bassa, denied this situation. Bassa stated that “No authority, nor court, may hear actions, claims or appeals related to the tasks that the Constitution assigns to the Convention, outside the provisions of this article,” he wrote, attaching article 136, paragraph 5, of the current Constitution, which governs the body. The leader of the convention declared through social networks that “all the conventional ones have participated in the definition of the norms of the Constituent Convention, including Vamos por Chile. We have given ourselves different times for the discussion and we will continue to move forward according to the will of the Plenary.”

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