translated from Spanish: Vaccines: 200 thousand doses of CanSino arrived

During this Sunday afternoon, a new batch of the single-dose vaccine CanSino arrived in the country on a flight of the Dutch company KLM, these vaccines are in addition to the 67,708,045 already received since the beginning of the immunization plan. As officially reported by the national government, in seven days the country received 5.7 million vaccines from the different laboratories “that will allow completing schemes and continue scaling the Strategic Vaccination Plan that is promoted throughout the territory.” The information indicated that “these single-dose schedule vaccines will be used throughout the national territory to advance the coverage strategy against Covid-19 of populations that are difficult to access, such as people in street situations, migrants, refugees and other dispersed groups.” In addition, it was recalled that “in just one week Argentina received 5,794,315 vaccines from the different supplier laboratories: 3,072,000 from Sinopharm arrived between yesterday and Friday; 183,625 doses of second component Sputnik V were delivered Friday by the Richmond laboratory; 842,400 AstraZeneca vaccines from Spain’s donation arrived on Thursday and 160,290 from Pfizer on Wednesday, while 1,336,000 doses of Sinopharm arrived on Monday.” Since the beginning of the campaign, the country has received 67,708,045 vaccines. Of that total, 28,856,000 are Sinopharm, 14,234,820 are Sputnik V (9,775,655 of component 1 and 4,459,165 of component 2) and 3,129,125 Sputnik V produced in Argentina by Richmond Laboratory (1,179,625 of the first component, and 1,949,500 of the second). AstraZeneca has 16,966,900 doses (580,000 from Covishield; 1,944,000 received by the COVAX mechanism, 13,200,500 from AstraZeneca and Oxford whose active ingredient was produced in Argentina and 1,242,400 donated by Spain). Meanwhile, 3,500,000 correspond to Moderna donated by the United States, 600,000 to CanSino and 421,200 to Pfizer.

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