translated from Spanish: Marta Fort chose one of her dad’s favorite TV moments

Marta Fort shares her life and thoughts daily with her followers on social networks, and like any normal teenager, Ricardo Fort’s daughter undergoes the available challenges and the “Ask me a question” to answer the concerns of her fans. On this occasion, the 17-year-old responded about her favorite dad’s television moment, or more precisely about the “favorite media fight.” Without much hesitation, Marta shared the video of her choice that is none other than the one she had with Flavio Mendoza, in Showmatch, back in 2011.

In the selected clip you can see Ricky in the “Bailando” while sitting in an armchair and is approached by Flavio Mendoza. With Tito Speranza behind him taking care of him every minute, the figure of the show and the choreographer exchanged a hilarious conversation.” I don’t know what you do, I don’t understand you when you speak,” Fort can be heard imitating the dancer’s tone and exaggeratingly pronouncing the eses, ridiculing the choreographer’s way of speaking. However, that episode would not end well, since both could not control their anger and ended up propitiating some pineapples, while Tinelli tried to calm the waters. Look

Original source in Spanish

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