translated from Spanish: SCD clinical trial set its second stage after not registering Covid-19 infections

The first clinical trial for the return of live music did not register Covid-19 infections, according to the Chilean Society of Authors and Musical Performers (SCD). It should be remembered that on August 26, 2021, a show was held in the SCD Egaña room that was proclaimed by Chancho en Piedra and had the full capacity, that is, 200 people with PCR entrance and exit exams. The president of SCD, Rodrigo Osorio, said that “we are very satisfied with the results and grateful for the volunteers, who complied with all the steps established.” In addition, the report showed that in order for an environment to be safe and reach adequate levels of CO2 with a full capacity, it is likely to require additional ventilation mechanism.” This not only indicates that concerts in pandemic can be done safely, with a mobility pass and permanent use of a mask, but also shows us that the public wants and needs to return to live music, and is willing to follow the protocols and requirements that are required to achieve it, “said the voice of Sinergia.De this way will start the second stage that consists of a show for 400 people at the Amanda Cultural Center in Vitacura set for October 21. The band that will star in the concert will be announced in the coming days. “We will continue to maintain the permanent use of a mask and the obligation to have a mobility pass, but we will replace the entrance exam with a rapid antigen test, whose access is less restricted, makes the process more dynamic and has better time margins in the delivery of results,” explained the immunologist of the Clinical Hospital of the University of Chile and coordinator of the project, Alejandro Afani.

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