translated from Spanish: Wanda Nara made a disclaimer in networks, after being criticized for going out at night

On Monday night, Wanda Nara and her sister went out to have fun at night in Milan, taking advantage of the fact that Zaira is spending a few days in Europe. Palpitating the previous one, Wanda uploaded a photo with the chosen look and also assured that going out with her sister, in that city is her favorite plan. However, several users criticized both sisters for their role as mothers, and the businesswoman went out to make a furious disclaimer about it. 
“Amazing that I never heard anyone say the father left and left the children with the mother. But mom leaves and they stay with dad and it’s tremendous. A night vs almost all year round that, both my sister and I, take care of our children when dad works,” the businesswoman has written through her Instagram stories. Clarifying that, in addition, we both work, we have our company, etc. But we were not born male, we are women and is that the problem? 

Zaira for her part explained her own and expressed: “We live for our children and our family. Now I ask you a question: if we have a meeting of our company in another country, is it wrong? or do we go to the meeting with 7 children? and if it was to be alone for a while it would also have been perfect. They have two parents who luckily we were able to coordinate our meeting at the time they were at home to take care of them,” he said. She added: “I love my life as a mother and I love my life as an entrepreneur and entrepreneur. No one ever gave me anything. If it weren’t for the time I’ve been working since I was 16 I wouldn’t have anything I have. Hopefully those who criticize (because most of them are women) can be a little happier and independent. Do it for your children. The secret is to be happy,” he concluded. 

Original source in Spanish

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