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After the premiere of the last documentary that was made of Britney Spears for Netflix, Britney Vs Spears, today came the news of the ruling in favor of the singer, after her last presentation and petition in court to lift the guardianship that falls on her for 13 years. Judge Brenda Penny on Wednesday considered the petitions filed by Britney’s defense attorney, Mathew Rosengart, who exposed the unconstitutionalities and malicious handling of Jamie Spears. “He must be suspended on September 29 followed by the rapid annulment of the guardianship. Every day she spends with him as a tutor, every day and every hour causes distress and pain to her daughter,” she said. From the Britney Law Army Twitter account, they followed the minute-by-minute hearing where they reported that Britney and her legal team requested the Court “the suspension of her father as conservator, the review and termination of the guardianship within the next 30 to 45 days and an orderly transition.” By way of arguments, Rosengart presented what happened during these last 13 years. “You know what really bothers my client. That his father, who does nothing, is not a business or talent manager, who is abusive, cruel and toxic, takes more money from his estate each month than he allows him to have,” the defense said. And he was very emphatic in assuring that the relationship between father and daughter is over: “Let me be clear. She doesn’t want to solve anything with her father. He doesn’t want to mediate with him.” Finally, Judge Penny suspended the power that allowed the artist’s father to have control of his daughter’s nearly $60 million fortune and life. Accountant John Zabel was also appointed as a replacement. While curator Jodi Montgomery, who manages her daily well-being and medical decisions, will still remain in that role.
The next hearing will take place in 45 days, where Jamie Spears must present all the documentation that refers to the guardianship of the last 13 years. 

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