translated from Spanish: Happy Birthday: Gepe Celebrates First Latin Grammy Nomination and Announces New Covers

The Chilean singer Daniel Riveros, better known as Gepe, was celebrating his birthday yesterday when he got a new reason to celebrate: he received his first Latin Grammy nomination.So the musician, nominated for “Best Alternative Song” for his song “Confia”, in which he sings with the Argentine Vicentico, will compete with his colleagues C. Tangana, Nathy Peluso, Aterciopelados and Jorge Drexler. The fact that they give me this news on my birthday, makes it even better,” the Chilean singer tells this media. “In itself I always felt that it was a gift to record this song, but that it is nominated is a gift,” she adds. According to Gepe, “Confia” was the song that “set the tone” for recording his latest studio album, “Ulyses.” “It was the first song I composed, the first one I started recording, and well, it also has this collaboration of Vicentico that was very relevant,” he said. According to the voice of “Hablar de Ti”, his Argentine colleague “is a pleasant person who is greatly admired”, and that is why he simply feels that “I win everywhere”. In any case, this nomination in his career appears on the eve of his reunion with his audience in Santiago, since this Saturday and Sunday he will have his face-to-face concert at the Municipal Theater of Las Condes, as part of his cycle of presentations. ” It’s bacan that it’s face-to-face,” says the singer. “We already did a show in Coquimbo and Punta Arenas, a little while ago. Now this one is coming, which is also in a super nice theater, which sounds good and looks good,” he says. Anyway, despite the pandemic, the composer did not stop making online presentations, such as “Ulyses, first meeting” and his appearances at streaming events. “There were some more discreet than others,” he says. “In some presentations it was me alone with guitar, others in which we were with the full band … The truth is that I tried to put the shoulder as much as possible to the pandemic and I didn’t do so badly with that,” he says. Very nice, it was there in Coquimbo and it was very exciting. Also there were a lot of people, like nine hundred and some people in an open place. It was exciting. Especially because there was an energy there that we were orphaned from and we met that again, and I imagine for the audience as well, I think a lot of the people who were there was probably their first concert in a long time and they felt very good on both sides. In addition to these streaming presentations, you produced Belencha’s album and released some covers, you don’t stop working… It’s that if I don’t do things like I get depressed, I don’t know, it’s not that I’m working, but I kind of have to stay that way, it’s a mental health thing that I have. I’m quite elusive to meditation, so I wanted to keep busy and tried to make it all make sense. I like to do things that are beautiful. I wanted to feel proud and among all that kind of thing: the album we put out, the videos, the live one you named, what do I know. I’ve always been interested in what’s behind the singer or performer. In fact I’ve always tried to be a producer of my stuff, sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don’t. I have done collaborative work with producers on my music, in fact in the case of Belencha it was also a collaboration, but I think I am the one who is most involved in the aesthetic part of it and also in a kind of public relations (laughs). I asked her if she thought she was making a record, since she is my great friend, I see her almost as my cousin and no, it was very bacan, it was interesting this role behind the scenes. No doubt. I would love to, I am very excited to produce music. You also released these covers of Chayanne, “Tu Pirata Soy Yo” and Rosalía with “Bagdad”, how did you decide to do these versions? Look, I took them out for two reasons, one is that I spent a long time going out and it gave me little time to be quiet in a place making music. Instead, now, what there is most is time. And that’s when we did a cover, like “let’s listen to see what wave, how it looks”. We recorded it and it fascinated me. The truth is that I do many covers, but very rarely do I decide to record them. I understand you did more of them… We recorded several, in fact we recorded seven covers and they will be coming out in this time. Plus I produced it by myself. I’m actually super proud, I loved what I did and more than that, I loved doing it. I had a great time and I find it makes sense, it was a good hiatus.

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