translated from Spanish: Mirosevic will seek to question the Minister of the Interior for the Government’s plan in the face of the migration crisis

Deputy Vlado Mirosevic announced that he will begin to look for the 52 signatures that are needed to question the Minister of the Interior, Rodrigo Delgado, to explain the Government’s plan in the face of the migratory crisis that affects the north of the country. Comprehensive responses,” the parliamentarian expects from the Secretary of State and maintained that “the migration crisis has also brought a tremendous humanitarian crisis and in the north of Chile we are living it. That is why I am going to question the Minister of the Interior to explain to us in Congress what the Government’s plan consists of, hopefully (have) answers that are comprehensive, that are not just from a glance, we need there to be comprehensiveness to address this migratory and humanitarian crisis. ” Mirosevic says he will seek to conduct an interrogation “with seriousness first of all and with a high level of vision, because I believe that answers must be given here. That is the important thing, we want to know what is the additional budget of the Government that they are committing to address from the north together with the municipalities this migratory crisis, we want to know answers and that is why I hope that we will have a serious debate and where the government commits to concrete actions “. It is worth mentioning that the Lower House will convene a special session to discuss the migration crisis.


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