translated from Spanish: Sarah Everard was abused, killed and burned by a policeman

It was Wayne Couzens, a British police officer who kidnapped, raped and murdered Sarah Everard, a 33-year-old who was walking home at night; the man identified himself as a police officer, arrested her for “violating Covid-19 guidelines” and then murdered her. The events occurred on March 3 during the Covid-19 confinement in Britain, Sarah was returning home after visiting friends around 9:00 p.m. when Wayne Couzens, 48, falsely arrested and arrested her, then drove for several hours before raping, strangling her and setting fire to her body. During the sentencing hearings that were postponed until Thursday, September 30, it was heard that the camera of a bus captured the moment in which the defendant put Everard in the car, however the witnesses who saw the situation, believed that it was a legitimate arrest so they did not intervene. ” Sarah died in horrendous circumstances, I go over the sequence of events and wonder when she realized she was in danger of death. Burning his body was the final insult, it meant we could never see his sweet face again and never say goodbye,” said Susan Everard, the victim’s mother. She described her daughter as caring, funny and intelligent, plus she had a knaught knheart and a beautiful dancer. Sarah’s father, Jeremy Everard, dedicated a few words to his daughter’s killer before giving his testimony “No punishment you receive will compare to the pain and torture you have inflicted on us.” The sentencing hearing spanned two days, where Couzens was told that Sarah Everard’s ordeal could be summed up as “deception, kidnapping, rape, strangulation and fire.” Sarah’s family read statements to Couzens about the impact of the victims, Jeremy Everard said he could never forgive him for taking away his daughter. She was handcuffed and couldn’t defend herself, you burned our daughter’s body, tortured us even more so we couldn’t see her again. You murdered our daughter and broke forever the heart of her mother, father, brother, sisters, family and friends,” he said. While Katie Everard, sister of the victim questioned her killer “What could he have thought he had done wrong? What lies did you tell him? When did he realize he wasn’t going to survive the night?” Sarah’s body was found in a stream in Ashford Forest, Kent, a few metres from land owned by Couzens, the victim’s clothes and body had been placed in a refrigerator and set on fire before being moved in construction bags. Everard’s sister, Katie, described packing up her younger sister’s “whole life” when she picked up her belongings from Brixton’s apartment to which she never returned: “The clothes were hanging and the packages were waiting to be opened, but she never got home because a predator was on the loose. Prowling the streets for hours in search of their prey. Now their future no longer exists,” he concluded. Read more: Why did the U.S. ban swimming with Hawaiian night spinrs? Couzens admitted in July to the crimes of kidnapping, rape and murder executed against the victim Sarah Everard, and this Thursday, September 30, he will receive his sentence that could be prison for life.

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