translated from Spanish: The work that collapsed in Ferro’s court was closed, says the City

A sector of the grandstand that Ferro Carril Oeste is building in its stadium in the Caballito neighborhood that collapsed today and caused minor injuries to six workers who were hospitalized was closed since January, the Buenos Aires government explained. Part of the grandstand collapsed this morning when it was to be filled with concrete.” The work was closed by the GCBA (Government of the City of Buenos Aires) in January of this year for not having the corresponding documentation of Registered Work, “said the Government Control Agency.
They added that “on March 5 and July 28, 2 closure violations were found and in both instances the Justice was given intervention.” According to the sources of the Buenos Aires Executive, in the place “there were 8 people working in the maintenance of the stands when the structure gave way”. Six workers suffered minor polytraumatisms, so they were transferred preventively to the Álvarez and Durand hospitals, while two others were treated at the scene, police sources said.

Part of the grandstand under construction of the Ferro Carril Oeste court, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Caballito, collapsed. The president of the club acknowledged at least one minor injury — Agencia Télam (@AgenciaTelam)
September 29, 2021

The sector of the grandstand that collapsed is made of wood and was being filled with concrete from the street by a crane that has an arm to carry out that work. The grandstand built by the Caballito club is in its last phase, it has already finished seven cement bodies and two trays and the sector that collapsed corresponds to the last body of the grandstand that does not have an upper tray, they indicated from the club.

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