translated from Spanish: Summary order against Guevara for possible lack of probity in millionaire contract to his brother

The Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic ordered the initiation of a summary of the presidential delegate of the Metropolitan region, Felipe Guevara, in order to investigate the possible lack of probity in the award of a millionaire contraro during the administration as mayor. As reported by La Tercera, the millionaire contract was to start the construction project of the San Gregorio de La Granja Sports Center.This document, which amounted to $ 6,770 million, was granted to the company constituted by the company Constructora Lima and Matías Guevara Stephens, brother of the regional chief. The agreement was carried out between the municipality of La Granja and the Metropolitan Regional Government, and Guevara -in his capacity as mayor- became aware of the bidding process and the award proposal through ordinary office 1,233 of 2020, not making observations, so the municipality proceeded to award and contract, reported the aforementioned media. The Comptroller’s Office ordered a disciplinary process against him or the public officials who are responsible for a possible incompatible negotiation. To this is added, find the reason why the municipality of La Granja under the administration of Delpin continued with the award if there was an order to annul it due to the kinship of both parties. It is worth mentioning that the sports center project has more than 4,000 million pesos of financing from the regional government from the National Regional Development Fund.

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