translated from Spanish: Video of murder of alleged members of criminal group in Guerrero released

Alleged members of the group Los Tlacos, directed by Onésimo Marquina Chapa, ‘El Necho’, released a video showing the execution of alleged members of the criminal group La Bandera, formerly Guerreros Unidos, a group indicated by the disappearance of the 43 students of Ayotzinapa.
The video shows how the alleged members of Los Tlalocs question the name and nickname of the members of the criminal group, the rank and the work carried out by their bosses.
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“People of Iguala, here are all those who extorted and who were killing innocent people and women. The garbage that had in terror to this beautiful city. We told them and the time has come, this square already has an owner,” says one of the alleged members of Los Tlalocs.
In the video they also accuse the elected mayor of Iguala, David Gama Pérez, of alleged ties to drug trafficking.
In the video, more than 15 people are seen kneeling and subdued, who one by one, are interrogated. All identify themselves with the name and service of Chucho Brito, whom they refer to as “The Patron”.

The man who interrogates them says: “Cachetes, here are all your people just like you Chucho Brito treacherous, you already had your table armed with Gama (David Gama, elected mayor of Iguala) to sit down to suckle like all your life. You shook hands and you bit it like everyone who has helped you. Here are the people of the sierra and the sierra do not forgive, or they line up or we are going to kill them.”
And he asks two of the alleged members of La Bandera what does your employer do?
One says that Chucho Brito is “the one who has the line” with the authorities of the municipality of Iguala, and they accuse him of benefiting through the construction of public works in the city. “He is dedicated to getting the wool out of the constructions and all that from the works.” The other says that he is dedicated to extorting the City Council, “to take away all the money he can.”
They define themselves as members of a criminal network dedicated to being “sica” extortion and sale of drugs in the towns of Iguala, and transfer of enervants to the United States.
Four bodies left in front of the house of the elected mayor 
The bodies, allegedly of four of the murdered men who appear in the video, were found yesterday inside a car in front of a building that was used as the campaign house of Gama Pérez, who today takes office.
According to El Sur de Acapulco, the car with the bodies was found in the Río Balsas neighborhood, in Iguala, Guerrero.
The police report, according to the media, indicates that the four bodies had signs of torture and had their feet and hands tied. So far the bodies have not been identified.
With information from El Sur de Acapulco 
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