translated from Spanish: Woodpecker and 22 other species declared extinct in the USA

Washington D.C.-The ivory-billed woodpecker, along with 22 other species, were declared extinct on Wednesday by U.S. authorities. This bird used to be one of the most splendid in the United States, but specimens were no longer seen since 1944, 77 years ago. Among the 23 species declared extinct by North American scientists are two freshwater peses, eight kinds of mussels, a plant and a bird known as Bachman’s bijirita.This information was disseminated through a statement, where it attributes the extinction to the decline of the species caused by human activity and overexploitation of natural resources.  “[Esta extinción] underlines how human activity can lead species to decline and extinction, contributing to habitat loss, overexploitation and the introduction of invasive species and diseases,” the statement said. The ivory woodpecker was characterized by having a white and black plumage, with a red crest on the males, and measured about 50 centimeters. This bird belonged to the family of the Picidae to which belong more than 218 species that are distinguished by having strong beaks with which they can drill trees and trunks. Since 1967 the ivory woodpecker has been classified as an endangered species, due to the disappearance of the forests that constituted its natural habitat and the uncontrolled captures made by bird collectors. The last time one of these specimens was seen alive was in northeastern Louisiana during the month of April 1944. U.S. authorities said that this bird, along with the other 22 species, was declared in danger of extinction too much and therefore could not be saved. In the list of 23 extinct species, eleven were endemic to Hawaii and the island of Guam, including birds and a member of the chiroptera family. Read more: Massacre in Ecuador! “The growing effects of climate change are expected to further aggravate these threats,” the report added. This is how the Mexico-Pachuca was after the fall of hail 

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