translated from Spanish: Chile’s curfew comes to an end on October 1

Santiago de Chile.- The government of Chile revokes the state of catastrophe decreed in March 2020 as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, from this first of October the curfew will no longer be applied, despite the detection of 895 cases. However, the government of the Latin American country will maintain the state of health alert due to the pandemic until December 31. With this measure, President Sebastián Piñera will be able to provide “extraordinary tools” to continue facing the health crisis. Given the new circumstances, the trades in the city of Santiago de Chile extended their hours of attention, which was restricted for more than a year and a half. Last Monday, the Executive announced this resolution and reported that as of Friday, the first of October, the borders will be reopened for the entry of vaccinated foreigners.” It was necessary to provide our country with greater and better tools to combat the coronavirus pandemic by allowing to restrict the freedom and mobility of people through measures such as quarantines, sanitary cordons and curfew. This state of catastrophe allowed the collaboration of the Armed Forces in the control and supervision of the emergency measures that the Government had to adopt,” said President Sebastián Piñera.After several weeks of decline in the number of Covid-19 cases and a positivity rate of 1.3 percent, the Chilean government does not see it necessary to maintain regional or communal quarantines in the country. However, some sanitary measures will be maintained such as isolation of people infected with coronavirus and the capacity will depend on the epidemiological situation. To date, Chile has a historical cumulative greater than 1.6 million infected with Sars-Cov-2 coronavirus and more than 45 thousand deaths associated with this pathogen, according to data from the Department of Statistics and Information of the Ministry of Health.Read more: Ephemeris of October 1: What happened on a day like today? Of the total number of active cases in Chile, 778 are hospitalized in the intensive care area (ICU), of which 273 depend on mechanical ventilation.

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