translated from Spanish: In September in Sinaloa, 56 murders were committed

Sinaloa.- The month of September 2021 was stained with blood when registering in Sinaloa, according to journalistic files, 56 murders, including a femicide, and one more to be confirmed. Choix, Culiacán, Mazatlán and Badiraguato are the municipalities with the highest uptick in murders, while nine more maintained white balances. Among the bloody events, a quarrel in the Aguaruto prison, the crime of the escort of the president of San Ignacio on the last day of that period and a cattle leader from Los Mochis, Sinaloa.Mazatlán where more homicides occurred September 2021, resulted in a considerable increase in the port due to the fact that seven deaths were registered, among them that of a woman who died burned inside a vehicle with three men after a confrontation against an armed group that broke the tranquility of the early morning and woke up the neighbors of Veracruz Street, in the Leopoldo Sánchez Celis neighborhood, where more than 80 shell casings were watered, a long gun was located, in addition to a long gun barrel. The identity of these four people has not yet been released by the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Sinaloa, this fact occurred on the 9th.On the 14th a male person was found dead on the access to the Llanitos bridge, at kilometer 32, on the Mazatlan-Culiacán highway. He was identified as Alán N., without specifying his age. Apparently, he was originally from the municipality of Elota.By the 16th, two bodies were found sheltered on the edge of the Mazatlan-Culiacán highway, at kilometer 36. The lifeless people were identified as José María N., 25 years old, and Oniel N., 23 years old, apparently from the municipality of San Ignacio.Despite the seven deaths that occurred in the municipality, the Secretary of Public Security, Juan Ramón Alfaro Gaxiola, declared that these violent acts do not ignite the red lights in Mazatlan. After the events occurred, there is no need to ask for reinforcements, since Mazatlan is not burning, as they say. Mazatlan is quiet. We continue to patrol, we continue to reinforce the area. It is not necessary to ask for reinforcements from other corporations,” said Alfaro Gaxiola.Homicidos in Culiacán, Sinaloa Culiacán, month after month, remains the capital of crime after almost three dozen murders were committed during the patriotic month. The wave of violence began with the deprivation of Daniel’s life in the Las Coloradas neighborhood, but the next day, in front of a park and next to the pantheon of La Lima, in Villas Universidad, a femicide occurred.
Karen Ayelen, just 16, was found dead after being reported missing. The teenager was allegedly drowned by a man, who managed to be captured and identified himself as Carlos. The murders in the city continued, and it was on the 3rd when Éver’s body was thrown from a ravine in the community of Los Mayos, in the Sanlona syndicate.Subsequently, an escort of a businessman, belonging to the ranks of the Ministry of Public Security, was executed outside a bank in the Tres Ríos sector, however, by repelling the aggression, he managed to leave one of those responsible badly injured, who died when he was treated in a hospital. Homicides that were registered in the month of September 2021 in the state of Sinaloa. More deaths occurred, as in the Tepuche syndicate. In one case, a young man was surprised by gunmen when he was at a party that was taking place in the town of Palos Blancos.
Before the tragic scene, the fun ended with the smell of gunpowder and with the flow of pools of blood. By the 13th, a young man, who was named Julius Caesar, was found dead on the side of the La Costerita road, after being searched by his relatives. It was said that this person had been deprived of his liberty in the Colinas de San Miguel neighborhood, and his body was already in an advanced state of decomposition. On the 18th of the month that ended, a brawl inside the prison of the Aguaruto syndicate put all the police corporations, including the Armed Forces, on alert.
The entire perimeter was shielded against a suspicion of an escape of inmates, but what was taking place was a lawsuit between inmates, where suddenly the guns rang. Four were the participants, three of them died and only one managed to survive the gresca.
Subsequently, more murders were committed in the capital, including two double murders. The first took place in the La Costera sector, where gunmen surprised two young people who lived in the middle of the morning.gada.
Later, in an abandoned house in the Nuevo Culiacán neighborhood, police found two men beaten to death. While in August the Évora region closed with only one violent death; in the municipality of Salvador Alvarado, the month of September was not stained by violence, because until the last day of the same no murder had been registered, only one death caused during a road mishap was known. The incident occurred in the center of the city of Guamúchil, where a candy seller lost his life on September 17 when he was hit by a car during a carom accident. Homicides in the north of Sinaloa In the month of September, seven homicides were registered in the northern zone: 3 in Choix, 3 in Ahome and 1 more in the municipality of El Fuerte. The first crime happened on Saturday, September 4 in the Centro neighborhood in Ahome, when Samuel L. was attacked with bullets when driving aboard a Ford Lobo truck.On Sunday, September 12, Filiberto N. was executed when he was in the arch, in the municipality of Choix, and along with other young people were attacked with bullets.
On Monday, September 13, two individuals were placed deprived of their lives and tortured in the vicinity of the community of Bajósori, municipality of Choix. The victims had bullet wounds to the body. At 11:30 a.m., José María N. was found dead in an agricultural property in the vicinity of the compuertas Ahome ejido. Elements of the North Zone Deputy Prosecutor’s Office commented that the subject had blows in several parts of the body.
On the night of September 15, Fidel R. died while being treated for gunshot wounds at Social Security in El Fuerte.He was shot while resting at his home in the Chinobampo syndicate, El Fuerte. The assailant was not arrested by authorities. On the afternoon of Tuesday, September 28, Daniel E., 35, died after being injured by a knife at the Infonavit Macapule, in Ahome.At 3:15 p.m., a quarrel arose. An unknown man assaulted a young man with a knife, who died at the scene after suffering a wound to the chest. The assailant managed to escape from the police. In the early hours of Thursday, September 30, they found a lifeless person on the Mexico 15 international highway, in Concheros, Ahome. The subject was beaten to death.
On the same day, but at 4:00 p.m., another person was found murdered in Concheros, Ahome.

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