translated from Spanish: It is trend “AMLO mockery worldwide” for these reasons

Mexico.- The President of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador became a trend on Twitter with the hashtag “AMLOburlamundial”, used by his critics to make visible the discontent left by his administration in Mexico.The topics made trending topic to the founder of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) were several, but some of the main ones are the nationalization of lithium, his alleged support for Claudia Sheinbaum for 2024, remittances among others. On the natural resource mentioned, users argued that processing it involves a large amount of economic resources whose origin so far is not clarified by the AMLO administration. Related to the issue of the presidential candidacy, opinion was more divided, since some users of the social network believe that López Obrador does have favorites to be the standard-bearer of Morena in the next presidential elections, but she is not the current Head of Government of Mexico City. Regarding remittances, the most recurrent opinion was that they are not an achievement, as AMLO has repeated on more than one occasion during his government, even the opinion of some is that it is actually a failure. Read more: Vicente Fox’s most controversial statements: racism, Jesus Christ, machismo and moreEses people argued that their increase in number was because “many Mexicans left the country”, although they did not give hard figures that support what was said, so it should not be considered as a fact. Two truck drivers captured in RIÑA in Los Mochis, Sinaloa

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