translated from Spanish: Kindergarten teacher arrested for breaking baby’s leg

A kindergarten teacher was arrested because she is accused of breaking the leg of a 1-year-old baby, the fact was captured by security cameras and occurred in Florida.In the video it is shown how the teacher Yamirka, 51 years old, takes the baby out of her hands from a mechanical swing, he swings it in the air about a meter on a retaining wall and then drops it to the ground. After the fact, the teacher faces charges of child abuse for beating and dropping the baby who has serious fractures in one of his legs due to the aggression. The events occurred on September 8 and on September 23 the baby was examined by medical personnel of the Child Protection Team of the University of South Florida and discovered that the injuries to the child’s leg were signs of physical abuse. Read more: Maomy, Samanta and Juan de Dios are brothers and are missing in Tijuana Help find them! The Companion of the Yamirka, Milagros also appears in the video and was also arrested for not reporting child abuse. “There is no impossible for women”: Nayeli is a mother, teacher, seamstress and driver in Culiacán

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