translated from Spanish: Spotify presents a documentary about L-Ghent: watch the exclusive preview

Spotify presents a documentary with L-Ghent that invites listeners to a tour of their music, their beginnings and aspirations of one of the great protagonists of the genre. “Cumbia 420 is a current cumbiero rhythm, it is my favorite genre, the one I represent and which I want to never lose the essence of cumbia, the neighborhood and that people feel identified. We adorn the trap with cumbia, with French drill, with folklore,” says the artist. Then he continues: “This is just the beginning, the goal is for it to reach everywhere, to go around the world and share it with the greats.” Today with more than 5.7 million monthly listeners, L-Ghent is heard in all neighborhoods, on the street, and in the networks the theme “L-Ghent RKT – Papu DJ, L-Ghent” is waved, which has about 110 million listens. The singer achieved his popularity not only in Argentina, but also in countries such as Mexico, Spain, Chile and Uruguay. 
The new genre emerged in Argentina a few years ago and its listeners have not stopped growing. As defined by the producer and artist DT Bilardo, “it is the new cumbia and is characterized by the rhythm backwards. It’s a musical style with the soul of cumbia and reggaeton.” According to data revealed by Spotify, listens to “Cumbia 420” globally grew by 590% since 2018. Currently there are more than three thousand user playlists about Cumbia 42 m0, more than 14.5 million playlists contain at least one song of that style. The five places where it is most heard were Buenos Aires (Argentina), Santiago de Chile (Chile), Montevideo (Uruguay), Córdoba (Argentina), Rosario (Argentina). For its part, the most listened to songs of the genre on the platform in the last year are: “Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol.38 Bizarrap”, “Pistola” -in its original version and remix- Pistola Remix -, “Perrito Malvado”, “Malianteo 420”, “Tinty Nasty”, “Titubeo”, “Combi Nueva”, “Clandestina 420”, “Uno Mas Uno”.
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