translated from Spanish: Celina Esteban, the first trans woman to head a health center in CABA

Celina Esteban is the first trans woman to take over as head of Nursing Residents in the City of Buenos Aires, and even in that position she suffers harassment from her superiors. A few months ago, Filo.News contacted her after being chosen by her colleagues as the future head of the health center. Despite having been chosen, Celina told us about the problems she was experiencing: “My last name is Esteban and they called me as if it were my name, with a discriminatory tone.” The current chief nursing resident commented:
“The current leaderships half that imposed themselves and began to put sticks in the wheel, constantly. I was even told that a transvestite lowered the status of the residence. I was saddened by barbaric sadness because the person who told me this was a person I loved very much.”

He added, “In the leadership I competed with a colleague. The rest of the residents were told that they will vote for him because I was crazy, who had psychiatric outbreaks, on that side bad but I took the corresponding legal actions and now I am calmer, “said Celina who came to suffer panic attacks due to the aggressions received. After being elected, Celina continued to live acts of harassment, which she had to denounce and in communication with the TN portal she commented, “I did them because I was a victim of the transody of those who did not want my appointment to be carried out” and added “Having achieved that the person who exercised discrimination with me has been removed from his position and that they have left me,  it was a battle won. I feel enormous pride in being the first. I am at the foot of the canyon to open the way for many more”After these months of harassment and transodium, Celina Esteban can cover her rightful place, that of head of nursing residents, thus becoming the first trans woman to cover this position in the City of Buenos Aires.Here we leave you a video with her story:

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