translated from Spanish: Court confirmed acquittal of Marco Enríquez-Ominami

Both the accusers and the complainant had until Thursday at 00:00 hours to present their derogatory appeals, since the legal deadline to do so corresponds to ten consecutive days after the reading of the sentence, which happened on September 20. In that instance, in addition, the sentencers rejected the civil lawsuit filed by the CDE against Enríquez-Ominami, nullifying the civil action for $497,411,538 filed by the agency against the PRO standard-bearer. In this way, the investigation that led the prosecutor Ximena Chong for seven years, came to an end. In this regard, the defense of Enríquez-Ominami – led by lawyers Ciro Colombara and Carlos Mora – stressed that “the acquittal in favor of Marco Enríquez-Ominami has been firm after a criminal investigation that lasted almost seven years, where there were all kinds of leaks, where there was a biased investigation with tunnel vision, and where he was accused of false and unreal facts.” Marco Enríquez-Ominami is innocent, as established unanimously clearly and forcefully by justice, after an oral trial, and neither the Public Ministry nor the State Defense Council presented appeals against the acquittal, so that now, this sentence has been enforced and has full validity, “added Colombara. “Along with celebrating that justice has finally established innocence in the face of these false accusations, we obviously regret a biased and unjust persecution, for seven years, against an innocent person.” For his part, Enríquez-Ominami said that “after seven years of investigations together with dozens of senior public officials, prosecutor’s office, Internal Revenue Service and State Defense Council, after being acquitted and being declared innocent – as I said for seven years – by a court that unanimously after a sentence that proved my total innocence, today we have learned that the State Defense Council and the Prosecutor’s Office have desisted from resorting to the forceful ruling of justice.” This shows that there was never any interest in seeking justice or seriously investigating, that there was bias and that the State Defense Council and the Prosecutor’s Office operate politically. That is why I will fight and I am freer today than ever, to defend Chilean women so that we all have the right to a system of oversight and defense of our interests in the hands of probate, diligent officials, without political bias,” he insisted. ME-O finally valued “the sentence that declares me innocent, I regret the number of years of illegal leaks and the fact that the State Defense Council and the Prosecutor’s Office have not appealed, is the proof -once again- that they acted with political bias”. On August 25, the presidential candidate of the PRO was acquitted of all the charges charged, after the Fourth Oral Criminal Court of Santiago established that the evidence presented during the oral trial by the Prosecutor’s Office, was insufficient to prove any participation and authorship of the filmmaker in alleged irregularities in the surrender before the Servel, of his 2013 political campaign.

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