translated from Spanish: L-Gante spoke about the statements of the councilor who opposed being declared a distinguished visitor in Rosario

Cumbia singer Elián Valenzuela, better known as L-Gante, expressed his opinion about the sayings of Councilwoman Daniela León, who opposed the appointment of the artist as a distinguished visitor to Rosario in the heart of the Municipal Council of the city of Santa Fe. We shit with laughter!” said L-Gante about the incident through an audio he sent to Teleshow. And then he added: “Everyone has the right to have an opinion, so there is no drama. What gave us grace was the result of their opposition.” Councilwoman Daniela León had issued statements in the ordinary session of the Council in which she argued her position of not distinguishing the singer, who will give a show in Rosario on October 10.  “I am not going to vote for the distinction of Elián Ángel Valenzuela, because his lyrics exercise symbolic gender violence,” said the councilor of the Radical Civic Union on Friday.In addition, León, in statements with A Diario (Radio 2), commented: “Not only does he speak against women, but he encourages symbolic violence against gender and celebrates marginalization, armed walking, drugs. We, as an institution, have the enormous responsibility and obligation to work and fight against all these scourges.” Despite the refusal of the official, the decree obtained 9 votes in favor, from the Ciudad Futura-FSP blocks; Socialist; Radical, Frente de Todos-PJ and Creo; 7 against, Together for Change, Radical Civic Union/Together for Change; Cambiemos and Unión Cívica Radical, and the abstentions of Unidad Ciudadana, Iniciativa Popular, Unite-Un Gol para Rosario, and the Democratic Progressive Party. 

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