translated from Spanish: They leave the body of a woman inside a suitcase in Cd. Juárez

Ciudad Juarez.- The body of a woman was located inside a suitcase left abandoned on a dirt road in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, during the morning of this Friday, October 1. The discovery was recorded in the Polo Gamboa neighborhood on De las Granjas Avenue, a woman passing by the place observed the body inside a black suitcase and gave notice to the authorities. Elements of the Municipal Police and the State Security Commission (CES) arrived at the place of the discovery who, when corroborating the finding, delimited the area with red ribbons until the arrival of the experts. Experts and investigators from the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office for Women (FEM) were the ones who raised the necessary evidence from the place to initiate an investigation. So far the victim has not been identified, but he was wearing black sports pants, gray sneakers with a pink stripe, a green blouse and a black jacket. Read more: Dead in Banderas Bay, Nayarit, were two girls; According to police reports, the woman had hours of death and her face was discarded by wildlife, it is expected that someone will claim the body, for the moment she is in the SEMEFO where she will be performed necropsy of law. 

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