The heartbreaking video of Cristián U taking his deceased father to the Hospital: “No one came to help”

Cristián U recounted and exhibited the terrible moment in which he arrived at the Hospital, after much waiting, and admitted only his deceased father, without any help. The young man not only went through a traumatic and painful episode such as the loss of his father, but he lived it in the worst way, with the abandonment of the medical staff, who perhaps could have saved that life. With a heartbreaking video the former Big Brother, uploaded to his networks a disclaimer of the moment in which he decides to take his father to the sanatorium, after waiting without news for the presence of the SAME.As if this were not enough, when he arrived at the place and with such an emergency, no one helped Cristian to transfer his father, they only gave him a stretcher to do it by his own means. In the post, the influencer narrates the events they lived with the family in what was undoubtedly the worst night of their lives.” Not only did I lose the most important thing in my life, my dad, but I felt the worst shit that Argentines feel, the groping, the lie and above all things as they shit in life and lie to us through the media, “Cristian begins writing in his post. And he narrates with pain what happened: “Last night at 01:30 am, my old man began to convulse, his partner called 911 and 107 (SAME) and immediately called me, it took 10 minutes to arrive. The police were already there and they also called the SAME,” he said. From the first call to the SAME, until I made the decision to carry him in my arms, 20 minutes passed, until I got off, put him in the car and took him to the Sanatorium (Argerich) half an hour passed, and when he was arriving the ambulance just came out. We got to the screams with my brother and the little staff that there was, he did nothing, they just gave us a stretcher. We had to lower it and enter the sanatorium, at the door there were 3 ambulances standing and doctors next to them,” he said about the terrifying situation we could see in the video.
As for what the doctor who treated his father told him, Cristian detailed: “I felt like I wanted to kill everyone, then a doctor comes out and tells me we put the electro and almost recovered it, but he left I’m very sorry.” To close the story he wrote: “After all this I only have the image of the representatives of health and the head of the ambulances making political campaigns, showing the technology of the mobiles, the new helicopters and the descents of them in the avenues, it is all a lie, it is all press to continue in front of their positions, because my dad’s house is 5 blocks from the ARGERICH hospital and it took more than half an hour and that’s why he’s gone, he left. A laburante guy with all the morals on the planet departed. Politics is killing our grandparents, parents and children.. We react!!!!”

Original source in Spanish

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