translated from Spanish: Boric on short pension law: “We are available for reform (…) and improve the basic solidarity pension”

The presidential candidate of Apruebo Dignidad (Frente Amplio – Chile Digno), Gabriel Boric, said on Sunday that his sector will support the short pension law that the Government will promote in Congress, stressing that they will support it despite the fact that they believe that it is a reform of marginal scope. In an interview with Channel 13, he said that “we are available to improve in particular the basic solidarity pension, if here this can not be tried to make strides, as everything proposed by the Government is bad and everything we propose is good.” Asked what he believes will happen with the project of the fourth withdrawal of 10% in the Senate, after the rejection of the indications that he promoted to reduce the harmful effects of that public policy on the country’s economy, the parliamentarian for Magallanes said that they will insist on these amendments in the House Alta.No however, he acknowledged that “we have to see what is the discussion that takes place in the Senate, today there are no votes to approve the fourth withdrawal in the Senate and therefore there has to be a discussion regarding how to make it viable to make it possible, without having the negative effects that have been raised in the public debate, “- Boric added.

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