translated from Spanish: Pampita’s moving pilgrimage to Luján

Throughout the week prior to Saturday, October 2, Pampita prepared in order to make the pilgrimage that takes place, from different parts of Buenos Aires, to the mythical Basilica of Lujan, along with hundreds of thousands of people who go to the site to ask or thank. 

Accompanied by Barby Franco and a contingent of friends, the model walked the necessary kilometers, under a cloudy sky and at times with alternating rains, where emotion was a predominant factor, since in most of the photos portrayed at that moment, she was seen with teary eyes.

At the same time both she and Barbie were sharing some moments in networks of the journey: “It’s half cool, it’s going to rain. Well, we will get under the water,” he said. 

Once the goal was achieved, he once again turned to networks to share the exciting moment: “We cried in the rain with our hearts in our hands. Many times I came to give our Lady my pain and now I come to thank her for the beautiful things.”

In the week the host for Net Tv had commented that, this time, she was going to make the pilgrimage to thank, the moment she is going through in her life, the arrival of Roberto García Moritán, her marriage, the good relationship she maintains with her ex Benjamín Vicuña, the amalgamated family fusion that they were able to make and of course the arrival of Ana, her little baby fruit of love with Robert, as she calls him. 

In his last post he shared a photo, already inside the Church next to a very particular prayer: “Blessed be your purity and eternally be, for a whole God is recreated in such a graceful beauty. To You, heavenly princess, Holy Virgin Mary, I offer you on this day, soul, life and heart. Look at Me with compassion and do not leave Me, My Mother. O my lady, O my Mother… I offer myself all to you! Thank you for your protection, your love and your constant presence in my life!”

Original source in Spanish

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