Angostura denounces failures in garbage collection

Sinaloa.- The race of the Centro neighborhood of the municipality of Angostura has been complaining because the garbage collection trucks have not been taking the waste and only pass by this area. Mrs. Silvia Leyva Camacho said that for about two weeks the garbage has been on 20 de Noviembre Street and the truck only passes and does not take it. She even pointed out that on the street where she lives they only picked up the garbage of two neighbors and all the others left her there. He added that there are two trucks that go to the community of El Ébano and that it even seems that they work together because always, where one walks, the other walks, and explained that they pass both in the morning and in the afternoon and neither back nor forth pick up the garbage that is in their path. She stressed that neither she nor her family have made the report to Public Services, but that there is no one who is monitoring them to see if they do their job.” They don’t stop all over the street to gather the garbage,” he explained. Another of the services with which they have been having problems is with public lighting, since a lamp that is located on the street known as “Salida a la Esperanza”, on the corner with 20 de Noviembre, does not work as it should and fails sometimes. ” Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. It gets very dark here when it’s off,” she said. Read more: Public Lighting demands the citizens of Mocorito, SinaloaOn the other hand, he said that one of the public services that is working is drinking water.

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