Guillermo “El Pelado” López tells us the work he gave him not to work

Guillermo López, is one of those characters of the show that are more of the people than of “the TV”, his career made to lung went through several works, which had nothing to do with the medium, and that gave him the kick to stand in front of a stage and, laugh through, tell people “The work that gave him not to work”. Trained in the school of Agustín Alezzo, and after traveling a long television and radio path for almost two decades, Guillermo entered the people’s house as “El Pelado” and that, he says, is one of his greatest achievements. Therefore, we talked with him to tell us a little about what his one-man show is about, which he will be presenting from this Thursday, October 7 and during the following seven Thursdays. Eight unique performances in the Paseo La Plaza, Picasso room. 

With the best of the waves he begins by telling me how this idea came about and what the show is about: “I did it 10 years ago and I premiered it at Paseo La Plaza in the 2011 season. And now 10 years later we return to the Premises in the Picasso room,” he begins by telling. And he adds: “In 2016 I also did some more functions, others that I did in some provinces. But the reality is that I never did a long season because of time, TV laburo, radio etc.  And well in this case we are going to do 8 functions, between October and November at 9:00 p.m., and the plan is to warm up engines to do something bigger in 2022.”
“I have a lot of fun going without a network, and each function, having to improvise and that all the functions are different product of that”

How was this one-man born?” The show was put together with Jorge Leyba who does the staging and is also an adopted brother that I have from life and we did it back then in 2011. Then we were aggironando when we presented it back in 2016, and now we put together other new things, “he describes about this new stage of the one-man show “The show has a structure in which I interacted a lot with people, and it goes from one stage to another, always with the participation of the public. I have a lot of fun about going without a network, and each function, having to improvise and that all the functions are different product of that, “he says about the predominant role of the public in his functions. And he adds: “Beyond that it has a format of monologues, videos and music. All the time we go through the audience and try to make them the protagonists of the show.” About this bond that he has maintained for years with people, product of his numerous interactions when he was a notero, or the years that he made a program entirely in the street making money to the trasuntes, according to his knowledge, I asked him If people bought his humor naturally or had to go aggiornándose with the passage of time? “Well, on the one hand one is accommodating because maybe, as always happens when one talks about these topics lately, a joke that perhaps seemed funny 10 years ago, today it is no longer funny. And you settle in. You’re also growing,” he says. But yes, I rescue that I have a feedback with the people, that gave me the fact that I had done a street program for three seasons, the fact that I lead a totally normal life and walk the street everywhere. I’m not a guy who’s cluded around his house all day and I have a closeness to people on the street who are re cute. And the truth is that I have that feeling with people that in some way we know each other and when I go out on the street I feel everyone very close and they feel very close to me. And I love that,” he said.
We also talked about the different roles he played throughout these 20 years of career where he was a notero, driver, actor and I asked him What did he enjoy more?” What I like most is to do humor, so the three options, whether TV, radio or one-man, apply. Because what I like most is to make people laugh and especially in these times, I think it’s super valuable because the truth is that people need to have a good time, have fun and clear their heads a little of a reality that the truth does not collaborate at all, “he says sincerely. “So if I have to look for a common point, in all I point to humor, and I think it is something that I bring since I was a child and studied theater, always my passes in Alezzo’s workshop pointed to humor and I remember that he told me that I had to exploit that. And well somehow I found myself driving TV and radio and 90% of what I do is always aimed at humor,” he adds. 
“I know what it is to work on a job that maybe you don’t like or you like little but you do it to have your cuff at the end of the month, and this show seems to me a way to vindicate the real thief”

To get into the unipersonto which it premieres this coming Thursday 7 at 9:00 p.m. I wanted to know if during the show it reveals “The work that gave him not to work””Yes, the story is to laugh a little at me, which is necessary to be able to do humor, you always start with one. Then I tell a little bit the story of my last 30 years in which I have worked a lot so I don’t have to work,” he tells me. And he explains: “Because I laburé, then I know what it is to work on a job that maybe you don’t like or you like little but you do it to have your cuff at the end of the month, and this show seems to me a way to vindicate the real thief. Those of us who do what we like is a blessing, because you do what you like and on top of that you get paid,” he says. “The name is the vindication of that, of everything I did to do what I love, and achieve what I have. And good is to play a little with that work that gave me not to work because deep down I am fortunate and I do not feel that I am working. Beyond that I have worked from Monday to Monday and many hours, “he highlights. To complete the idea he remembers his father and says: “I have the very vivid memory of my dad getting up at 7:00 in the morning and returning at 7:00 p.m. and working all day to bring money home. Not because he was passionate about having to go to work from what he worked, but because he had to do it.” In his show, there is a guest who is Ricardo Darín, who at the time recorded a kind of documentary, and throughout these years he was a recurring artist in his career, I asked him if he has friends in the environment and if the link with Darín is real. ” I have a good relationship with many celebrities, because I have known almost all of them for 20 years,” he explains about friendship in the artistic environment, and about the successful Argentine actor he tells us: “Yes, the bond is real, I recently sent him a message because I saw him in Leo Montero’s program that he took a puppy he found to accelerate the adoption process. And I wrote to him to tell him that with that gesture he saw nothing more, than the full confirmation of the tipazo that he is, and what I always say about him, “he says with great admiration. “And of course he answered me in a very funny way, a la Darín. I have a very nice bond, it’s not that we are friends from going to eat, but in fact in the one-man show, there is a video / documentary that of course is in and has humor and the protagonist of that is Ricardo, who recorded it for me at that time and we continue to accommodate and aggironando because the truth that what he does is spectacular, Highlights. With so much interaction with people, I asked him if he ever had a bad experience, whether in the theater or on the street. “No, luckily, you know that in total we will have done 50 functions spaced in time. Then I never had any uncomfortable situation, but because the people who come to see me, come knowing that they are going to have a good time and that the jokes are always with good intention and is to add them to the show, not to laugh at someone, but together. ” This show has the particularity that it is very fun to come as a couple, but also to come alone or alone, because it seems to me that very crowded moments are generated where someone or someone can find their love, there in the room, “he says. Are you prepared to face an audience with a chinstrap, where the expressions are lost a bit?” And it’s going to be weird to lose half a face of people when I’m very attentive to the face and the reactions and the comments. And it’s going to be like a challenge more to adapt, especially to understand them, because sometimes it happens that with the mask you understand nothing that the other tells you. But hey, it will be like a difficulty to overcome. But happy and grateful that we can return, little by little, to normal life. And it is proven that with all the protocols the theater is not a place of danger for contagion, “he says With respect to what is coming in theatrical terms, he told us that a possibility is in force for next year to do something more regularly and I wanted to know if in this way the vice of his acting facet emerged and if he would like to participate in a strip or novel. “Not the truth is that I trained as an actor and for 10 years I did the typical TV ball, independent theater, street theater, I worked as a clown in a circus. I like I went through all these alternatives and when I entered CQC, already being the notero of the program, I was pleased to participate in a chapter with Suar, another in Casado con Hijos, with Francella. But I was already a public figure. And today I can’t imagine acting in a strip, it’s not something that appeals to me,” he explains. And he does salvation.” I have a lot of fun doing the one-man show, I do a lot of driving events also live and with people there, and I like that a lot. But acting is not something that keeps me up at night. Today I can’t imagine it.” Also in this one-man show I mix a little everything that has been donecer, and what comes out best for me. There is the driver’s thing, there is a moment dedicated to the radio, and there is something of the actor to tell a story and carry forward the monologue, “he says and reveals about the show on the Paseo La Plaza. ” Another thing that is good about the show that I am going to do in the Paseo la Plaza, is that the work is planned in 1 hour and twenty, hour and a half but the duration depends a lot on the public. And there are functions where maybe it stretches a little more because people got hooked and the possibility is given. I don’t go looking at the clock and then I say, if the weather is enough for the party to last a while longer, it lasts a while longer.”
It is very nice to know that there are people who prepared at home, bathed, got something nice, left the Paseo happy and all that they give to you, who comes to see you. That’s very motivating.

How do you prepare to be an hour and a half alone on stage?” I like to arrive a while earlier, and concentrate a little on the route of the show and be a little silent and focused and regulating energy because then the audience consumes you a lot. But on the other hand, the truth is that I have like a training of the time that was recorded on the street for six hours. So in the field of theater, with people in silence and in the containment that a room has, it is much easier, and the exercise comes out, because I have it very naturalized.” There was a time, in 2011, when I was recording on the street, working for CQC, doing a live program and after all that day I went to the theater and did the function and I thought, the one who sees me, must think that I come fresh from my house and I am liquidated all day. But there’s the energy of the people who automatically recharge your batteries.”
“Being authentic or close is like my seal”

And therein lies the key to doing something you love?” And it is very nice to know that there are people who prepared at home, bathed, got something nice, left the Paseo happy and all that they give to you who come to see you. That’s very motivating, at the moment the show is about to start.” Look I have an anecdote just with Darín when I invited him on that occasion to come to the theater, and as he had also participated in the video for the show. Of course I invited him”, he begins by telling me that situation”And he came with his family, and at that time the room was literally full, there was no pandemic, of course and he sent me messages saying: ‘I went out to do it that no one came, no one is going to come, we make you the endurance but I left that we have to go to eat’, And that’s motivating to know that people chose you to come to the theater.” To close, he tells us what his secret to success is and says: “My secret is that when I meet someone, it is not very different from what I am on TV or on the radio, and that makes people have me as one of their home, I am accessible if you cross me on the street. Being authentic or close is like my stamp”, he closed and we ended the talk, which left me with more desire than before, to go laugh for a while at the theater and see of course “The work that gave me not to work”. 

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