Luis Jara: “Leaving the public exhibition is like a blessing in disguise”

Between all the stress caused by the pandemic and the confinement, Luis Jara took refuge in his family and his greatest muse: music.” I could have, like many other people, felt the emotional blow of being locked up, of not having the possibility to sing, of receiving applause. But I went into the studio to do what I love,” says the singer, who has just released “Amnesia”, a reversion to the song that José José brought to fame. In the end, this thing of moving away from public exposure I take as a blessing in disguise, because thanks to this I was able to create this magnificent work that has me very proud, “says the singer, who is about to release a new album, full of reversions of classics and that, he says, has been the taste of his career. ” I feel that I gave myself the great pleasure of recording this album in pandemic, of making it completely organic, with noble musicians, with no programming and with great professionals, “he adds. The logistics are difficult but it is also entertaining, because here there are musicians who played in Argentina, in the United States, in Chile… I had to travel a few times and this album was finished in the United States. In addition to giving me more tastes: I could count on people who have so much experience and who give it that special flavor that this album has. Singers in general usually do karaoke, but not of our songs, but we look for others. The song “Amnesia” has always been on the list of my favorite karaoke and I feel that in the end it came as if by chance to me. It turns out that when I was finishing the album I was missing a song and I asked for help from an Argentine pianist, who told me: “che, get a bolero to Chico Novarro” and I: “does he have boleros?”; “but of course, José José’s is a bolero”; “Which one?”; “Amnesia, then, if it is a bolero.” And I knew it was time to record it. It seems difficult to revert a song that is so identified with an artist like him, but so also this becomes a big challenge and I was very happy with the work. And what has this new life been like in Miami? Enjoying it. It has been rich to come out of public exposure, to be able to pick up my son at school, to be able to cook and do things ourselves, to live family life. Success is composed of several things, not only in the trophies, but in that I do not go away with time in pelotudeces and that time can organize it. The TV is frantic, looking for immediate results, but look, I recorded this album in ten months. It is the album that has taken me the most time because nobody rushes me, I am not running or I am against time, so I took the pause of choosing the songs I wanted to sing best. When you own your time there is some success there, you stop being their slave and you have it at your disposal. And I can also find that today, in a place where perhaps I am not recognized, but I can walk without feeling observed.

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