Senator Lagos Weber: “The postponement of the Valparaiso-Santiago train has been one of total negligence”

The senator for the Valparaíso region, Ricardo Lagos Weber (PPD), criticized the postponement of the project (pushed by the Chilean-Chinese consortium CVS) that promoted the creation of a speed train and whose objective was to link Valparaíso and Santiago in 45 minutes of travel. The parliamentarian regretted the “inaction” of the current government.
“The government’s attitude towards the Valparaiso-Santiago train is shameful. The Executive, headed by President Piñera, made an announcement; he invited everyone to become part of that promise, and then, without further a fee, that project is closed and it is decided to move on to the next administration,” said the senator.
The President expressed his support for the initiative in October 2018, through an international tender, after a public activity at the Barón Pier in Valparaíso.
“This government was not even able to present a route that indicates where the Valparaíso-Santiago train would pass. What’s more, he decided to leave it to the private sector to define. It seems to me that the postponement of the Valparaiso-Santiago train has been one of total negligence,” said Lagos Weber.
“For months we have been denouncing the government’s lack of enthusiasm for this project. Once again, a large investment for our region of Valparaíso is postponed,” said the legislator.

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