Senator Rincón after meeting with Governor Orrego on the legislative agenda of decentralization: “The discussion of the 2022 budget is fundamental”

In order to advance a decentralization agenda, the president of the Senate, Ximena Rincón (DC), met with the governor of the Metropolitan Region, Claudio Orrego (DC), and clarified that “the regions will be at the center of the 2022 budget debate.”
“Following the invitation that Governor Claudio Orrego has to the fourth joint budget subcommittee, which will analyze the issue of regional governors, we must highlight the important role of decentralization and move forward effectively,” said the DC parliamentarian.
Likewise, Rincón said that “it is essential to advance in effective decentralization, because we elect regional governors and today we must give them tools, because it cannot be that a governor, every time he wants to make a budget modification, has to go to the Budget Directorate (Dipres) and cannot proceed within his budgetary framework as a municipality does.”
“Regional governors and decentralization will be issues that we will analyze in depth in the discussion of the nation’s budget,” he added.
Similarly, Senator DC said that they also talked about the domicile of the regional governors and the realization of a large Congress of regional governors for January 2022, in order to evaluate what has been their management six months after taking office.
For his part, the regional governor Claudio Orrego pointed out that “the president of the Senate has been categorical about how much improvisation and lack of support there has been on the part of this government, in terms of providing regional governments with resources, personnel, dependencies and also powers.”
“Today we talk about the 2022 budget law, where there is an opportunity, not to solve all the problems, but to move in the right direction. And we have made an approach as regional governors to the president of the Senate to level the field so that flexibilities are delivered, fresh resources for our endowments to have teams of excellence and decisively implement decentralization, “said Orrego.
Finally, the governor of the Metropolitan Region said that already next year, with a new government, it will be possible to discuss the transfer of powers and “a regional income law that is deep and substantive.”

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