they recover a bronze girl, thief took her in a little devil

Authorities managed to recover the stolen bronze statue of a girl that is part of the sculpture “Mill for Peace”, located in the square “Yes to Disarmament, Yes to Peace” in Mexico City.The rescue of the work of art was carried out by uniformed members of the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC), who had joint support from the video surveillance monitoring of the C5 in the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office.The officers also managed to arrest the thief of the bronze statue, who cut its stridency from the rest of the sculpture and carried it in a dark bag aboard a little devil, probably for sale as a bronze pedacería. Located at the intersection of Reforma and Manuel González, the 3.5-meter-high sculpture of the square “Yes to Disarmament, Yes to Peace” was the victim of mutilation and theft of one of its three bronze pieces: the girl, 1.2 meters. This sculptural ensemble was made by 110 artists with the molten material of 4,700 weapons collected in CDMX; it was inaugurated on The 30th of Marco and after six months of it it was stolen. For her theft, a 43-year-old man was arrested, who was carrying her in a little devil, at the intersection of Ferrocarril Hidalgo Avenue and Acero Street, in the Felipe Pescador neighborhood.After the vircual siege and with full view of the possible thief, the officers noticed that in the vulto that he was transporting the shape of a statue was shown, so he was immediately stopped. Read more: The husband of the abused teacher of the UAEM Is linked to the process for family violence When carrying out the inspection of the package, SSC police determined that inside was the bronze figure of the girl who was recently stolen in the square “Yes to Disarmament, Yes to Peace” in Mexico City. The Public Prosecutor’s Office will determine their legal status. Michoacán: Governor orders aircraft only for emergencies

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