National Anti-Corruption Strategy: Comptroller’s Office proposes a single system of purchases by Defense to centralize acquisitions of the branches of the Armed Forces.

The Comptroller General of the Republic, Jorge Bermúdez, presented on Tuesday the National Anti-Corruption Strategy, an initiative based on 25 measures that seeks to promote a more integral and transparent State.
The measures arise from an extensive process involving 23,453 people that allowed information to be collected with a gender, diversity and inclusion perspective and a regional and transparent approach.
“This Anti-Corruption Strategy was carried out in a participatory manner (…) Thousands of people at some point participated and gave their vision, their comments and their collaboration about how we could work with a State that is more transparent, more probo and more integrated, “said Comptroller Bermúdez.
The systematized proposals are grouped into three axes: good administration, protection of public resources and probity and democracy.
In the Good Administration axis, the proposal to “raise the standards of control and integrity in regional governments, municipalities and municipal corporations” stands out.
One of the recommendations is that municipal acts be submitted to the control of legality (taking of reason) of the Comptroller’s Office in a prior manner, and not as it happens today, in which compliance with the law is supervised when the project has already been executed, through audits.
In the area of Protection of Public Resources, one of the proposals aims to “reduce the risks of corruption in the public procurement system”, in which it is recommended, for example, to include information on final beneficiaries in the register of State suppliers to timely detect conflicts of interest and the improvement of the digital platform Public Market to have reliable and interpretable information by analysis software of large volumes of data.
In the axis Probity and Democracy, one of the measures proposes “strengthening probity in the institutions of order, security and national defense.”
It is also proposed to create a Police Control Agency independent of the police forces and specializing in the prevention, detection, investigation and punishment of administrative irregularities.
It is also recommended the creation of a single purchasing system by the Ministry of Defense that centralizes the acquisitions of the different branches of the Armed Forces, which allows to increase the standards of transparency.
The launch of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy was attended by: Alberto Precht, from Chile Transparente; Gloria de la Fuente, Council for Transparency; Claudia Mojica, United Nations Development Programme; Valeria Lubbert, from Espacio Público; Paula Díaz, Observatory of Fiscal Expenditure; Sebastián Valenzuela, Undersecretary of Justice; Pablo Sepúlveda, Commission of Public Integrity and Transparency of the Segpres; and representatives of the State Defense Council, Civil Service, among others.

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