Olivia Ruiz, icon of journalism in Guasave, fired

Guasave, Sinaloa.- At 12:00 pm today, a mass was officiated at the Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Rosary, to say goodbye to Norma Olivia Ruiz Castro, a journalist from Guasave affectionately called “doll”, who died due to the aftermath of Covid-19. Yesterday morning the news spread that the Guasavense lost her life at the age of 76. The professional of the pen followed the legacy of her parents Romualdo Ruiz Payán and Rosina Castro, she was raised in a family of values and with professional vision. The newspaper El Regional is the dean of the media in the Petatlàn region. Olivia from a young age dedicated herself to journalism practicing in the newspaper El Regional, inherited from her father, she made an extensive career that earned her public recognition for her career. In the sixties she had a radio program serving as director and columnist with Moisés García, an outstanding columnist and who served in life as editor of the newspaper Debate.Finally she was in the program La Dosis Diario with Olivia Ruiz, where she had the collaboration of professionals from the journalistic guild among her most endearing Aide Verduzco.  Mass of body present to give the last goodbye to Olivia Ruiz. Photo: Jesús Leal / Debate It was on August 18 of this year, at 12:30 the last live broadcast where Olivia in company with Aide addressed the controversy of the return to school, questioned if Aurelia Leal, president of Guasave would stay to finish the administration and the failures in the Red Cross service, half an hour in which he left his mark through his open opinions. She always fought to keep her newspaper current despite all the adversities, a woman of mettle and conviction who loved journalism with passion and knew how to overcome the adversity and challenges of technology. Read more: Lilly Téllez denounces threats against her son after calling for an attack on AMLO in the Senate, Olivia is survived by her daughters Elsa, Iliana and Liliana and grandchildren, who today fired her as well as her close friends such as Esperanza de Bórquez, Diva Peñuelas, Maby Ahumada, Guillermina Ruelas and her adventure companions of the group “Las muñecas y el nenuco”. Nicolás Maduro decrees that Christmas has already arrived in Venezuela

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