The Day of Manga and Anime took over the Japanese Garden last weekend

Fortunately for everyone, the Western world is becoming more and more steeped in Eastern culture and, more specifically, Japanese culture. Hence, from OVNI Press, the most important publisher of graphic novels nationwide, sustain its social networks dedicated exclusively to its manga outputs and that Netflix bets on acquiring the rights to products such as Cowboy Bebop or Death Note.In that framework of import (and in that of the COVID-19 pandemic) is where the Manga and Anime Day was held in the Japanese Garden on Saturday 2 and Sunday, October 3. However, the latter did not prevent one of the Japanese culture events. Permanently with masks and hand disinfection, throughout the historic property were lived two days of pure shows, talks, workshops and contests that were barely disrupted by some drops that fell from the cloudy sky on Saturday.
Between the talk about the history of Japanese superheroes by Daniel Vigide Agre in the Green Tent, the fandancing of the Odorite Team on stage and all the hustle and bustle of the event, from we could talk with Maxi Caronte, who was in charge of coordinating the activities of the event. We were seeing the enthusiasm of the followers in our social networks with the return of the event, but we continued with doubts about how the call would turn out. At the moment, what are your feelings about how the day was developing? Did it meet your expectations? We are happy with the result. The event worked the activities were nourished by public and we also noticed a renewal of the public.
During both days there were talks, contests, shows … what is the objective of the manga and anime day? The objective of the event is to provide a meeting place for fans of Japanese pop culture and at the same time has some interest in showing the little ones and those who have just entered this world that there are behind the things you see so we emphasize the talks about drawing, armed with modelkits, anime history, etc. How was the feedback from the people they were? Really good, a lot of joy to return to these meetings. Between the talks, the dances, the workshops, the cosplays, which is the favorite of the people? Why? The most colorful activity that usually attracts the general public is cosplay. But then each kid has his interest in a particular activity. There are the kids who are more fond of drawing who focus on that and we try to give them spaces to develop it, like those who show particular interest in music.
The West is receiving and consuming manga and anime like never before. Hence, for example, Netflix is going to release a live action of Cowboy Bebop. Was it reflected in this year’s edition of the day or is the number of people who go usually the same over the years? The Days of Manga and Anime has the particularity that due to its wide call it is usually the first event of many children, some under 12 that their parents learned about the event and bring them and also as the first outing of a group of teenagers interested in this world, the Japanese garden gives them an ideal setting to start jogging the environment. Consumption is much more massive than years ago although, perhaps, less intense than the way we consumed it.  There was also a tribute to Studio Ghibli, what is the importance of the studio in our culture? The works of Studio Ghibli, with their art and sensibility, are an important sign that animation was not only for boys, winner of an Oscar and a Golden Bear at the Berlin festival for The Journey of Chihiro is a business card. During Saturday there were several rains at the beginning of the day, how much did that affect the order of the schedule? It involved moving some activities from the places originally planned, because it was mostly done outdoors and generated a delay of no more than 30 minutes in them. As the event has been going on for a long time and it is not the first time that the rain surprises us, we have some exercise to make the changes quickly. On a cultural level in the City of Buenos Aires, how important do you think it is that there are these types of events? We are very convinced that there has to be a space for each activity. In the particular world of manga and anime it is a gateway to the universe of animation and comics, which will nourish the culture of the City in the future.
When you decided, a decade ago, to start with this, what was the main goal? Was it fulfilled with the passage of time? The goal was always the same: to be a meeting place for fans of the genre. We are pleasantly surprised when a teenager who came to visit us 15 years ago, today returns with his children. Also when we see some guys who long ago participated in our drawing contests today they work professionally in the activity. Is there a proposal to do it more often? The next date is scheduled for March 2022. It is done three times a year (summer, winter and spring) and we believe that it is at a midpoint, because it is not our interest to tire the public.

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