“Argentina at the table”, a virtual google trip through the country’s gastronomic culture

Sharing a meal with the family and friends and everything that happens around the table is one of the most traditional rituals in Argentina. To celebrate that passion, Google Arts & Culture presented the “Argentina at the Table” collection, a digital journey that invites people from all over the world to discover the cultural richness behind Argentine gastronomy.

Photo: Google Arts & Culture

The platform explores Argentine cuisine from three perspectives:
The characters behind the food. From how the chefs are revolutionizing Argentine cuisine, how are the butchers of the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires to the honey producers in Santiago del Estero, in this section the stories of all those people who are part and give identity to the gastronomic culture of the country are made known.
Cities and their landscapes. From Jujuy to Tierra del Fuego, the collection is a gateway to explore the local cuisine in all its diversity and discover the characteristic flavors of each region. This includes postcards, traditions and flavors of the Atlantic country, as well as the history and tradition of the Argentine plain, a journey through the Andean territory and a tour of the entire Coast.

Photo: Google Arts & Culture

Traditions. The country’s culinary culture has multiple influences, rites and customs: tango, the legacy of the gauchos, notable bars, traditional dishes, the influences of immigrants and much more. Thus, this section presents classic desserts such as homemade flan (one of the favorites of Argentines), a journey through the origins of the empanada, the Creole tradition of the field warehouses and how the elaboration of preserves shines again in the local cuisine.

Photo: Google Arts & Culture

In addition, this collection also includes the series “Gastronomic Chronicles”, which tells the story behind the flavors and dishes of different countries such as Japan, Spain, Nigeria or Russia and the latest release dedicated to the Flavors of México.La sample was created with the support and collaboration of Gustar, an initiative of the Ministry of Culture of the Argentine Nation, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports and the ArgenINTA Foundation.

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