Chamber of Deputies approves project that allows to transfer air tickets or retract the purchase

The Chamber of Deputies unanimously approved the report of the Joint Commission of the bill that allows air tickets to be transferred to a third party, or retract the purchase at no cost. In this way, the initiative must be reviewed by the Senate.
For its objectives, the proposal modifies Law 18,916, which approves the Aeronautical Code. It introduces, mainly, two new sections relating to the transfer of rights and retraction.
Regarding the first point, the text indicates that the passenger may assign, freely and at no cost, his right to be transported on a cabotage flight, for round trips and / or return.
The transfer can only be made up to 24 hours prior to the flight. It will be refined by individualizing the assignor and assignee in a digital form. This will be available on the official website of the carrier, but the procedure can also be carried out in person at the ticket offices, airport counters and authorized agencies that the carrier has.
Deputy René Alinco explained that “this project is the result of five initiatives, and was born in the south of Chile. The first project related to the endorsement of passages was presented by Deputy Karim Bianchi, representative of Magallanes; and the second is of my authorship, representative of Aysén. Therefore, it is an initiative that was thought of by the people of the extreme areas of Chile, whose main means of connectivity with the rest of Chile is by air.”
The transfer of the right in question may be made only between natural persons. In addition, it is restricted to only once for each passenger ticket, any subsequent transfer by the assignee being invalid.
Similarly, in a calendar year, the passenger may only assign his right up to a maximum of two times per carrier. This, at the rate of one transfer for each semester.
Assignments may not be made, in any case, for profit, either as a commercial activity or on a regular basis.
However, the assignments made under this procedure will not be habitual in the activity. This, provided that they are done up to the maximum number of times indicated.
All of the above may apply, without prejudice to the conditions of greater flexibility that the carrier offers or agrees with the passenger.
Right of withdrawal 
Passengers shall have the right to terminate, unilaterally, the contract of carriage by air on domestic flights, within 48 hours of acquiring a passenger ticket. This will apply to travel purchased at least seven calendar days prior to the scheduled departure date and time of the flight.
Under these conditions, the contract may be terminated. In addition, passengers will be able to receive a full refund of what they paid, without penalty.
In the event that the scheduled departure is verified within a period equal to or greater than 180 days of acquiring the ticket, the withdrawal period may be exercised within seven subsequent days, counted from the conclusion of the air transport contract.
In those cases, they will receive the full refund of what was paid, without penalty, leaving the convention without effect.
Credit: Chamber of Deputies

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