Ossa for constitutional accusation against Piñera: “It is based on a total, complete and absolute lie”

The Minister Secretary General of the Presidency, Juan José Ossa, addressed the constitutional accusation against the president, Sebastián Piñera, which was promoted by the opposition within the framework of his eventual participation in the sale of the Mining Company Dominga.In a conversation with Radio Concierto, the Secretary of State said that “more than raising the tone, we maintain what we have said: it is an accusation that is based on a total, complete and absolute lie.” We trust that, naturally, everyone within Chile Vamos has understood and will continue to understand. If anyone has any doubts, we will clarify them with the best of wills, in order that it is a situation that has nothing new. That it does not have the remotest hint of something that has not been correct or attached to the law. In that sense we trust and hope that we will have those supports,” he added. Ossa stated that “the incredible thing is that a news story appears on Sunday and on Monday morning a constitutional accusation is announced, not a commission of inquiry. Then CIPER does a disclaimer on Monday at noon and that doesn’t change things at all.” And he added that “I am very impressed to have arrived yesterday in Congress that the accusations were completely false and that there was not even a desire to understand them, to understand them. When a deputy says that no taxes were paid and taxes were paid 24 hours later, one sees a purely political mood to use a constitutional indictment.” Ossa referred to the criticism of Piñera for not knowing about the sale of Dominga that was made to Carlos Alberto Délano, a friend of the family, and maintained that it is “a speculation and the truth is that presenting constitutional accusations based on speculations on such serious matters (…) it has, in my opinion, no grip”

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