Peru: President Castillo accepted resignation of prime minister and his entire cabinet

Peruvian opposition lawmakers on Wednesday applauded the resignation of Peru’s Prime Minister Guido Bellido, with whom they had an open confrontation, and expressed their desire that President Pedro Castillo convene a new cabinet with a “concerted spirit.” The leftist president announced on Wednesday that he accepted Bellido’s resignation, after two months in office, and that he will take the oath of office to the new cabinet of ministers in the coming hours. In this regard, the president of the Congress, María del Carmen Alva, welcomed on Twitter “the president’s decision to change the ministerial cabinet” after “several days of unnecessary uncertainty and very questioned ministers.” Congress has the best disposition for dialogue and governability,” added Alva, who is part of the caucus of the center-right popular Action party.Castillo said today that the balance of powers between Congress and the Executive must provide tranquility to his country and that the constitutional prerogatives of the question of trust, interpellation to ministers and censorship should not be used to create political instability. Bellido had warned Congress last week that he could present a question of confidence for the entire cabinet if the Legislature tried to censure the head of Labor, Iber Maraví, one of his most questioned ministers. In that sense, the spokesman of the Fujimori Popular Force party, Hernando Guerra García, said on Twitter that “Bellido should never have occupied the position of ‘premier'” and said he hoped that with the new cabinet “there will not come (a) new bomb for governability.” The legislator asked Castillo to “put Peru first” and “start listening to the people.” For her part, Congresswoman Flor Pablo, of the liberal Purple party, welcomed the “good news” that, she said, “the president has given with the possibility of having a cabinet of concertation.” Pablo told Channel N television that in Bellido’s cabinet there was a faction that sought confrontation, among which he mentioned Minister Maraví, who was questioned by Congress for the journalistic denunciations of having had links with the terrorist group Sendero Luminoso.La legislator considered that Maraví should be one of the ministers who leaves his position in the changes that Castillo will make in the coming hours. POLITICAL UNCERTAINTY Meanwhile, congressman José Williams, of the right-wing party Avanza País, said that Bellido’s cabinet generated “unrest and uncertainty” in his country, and congratulated Castillo for having taken “a great step,” although he said that “others are missing for governability.” Williams told Channel N his expectations that the next prime minister “can work together, that is technical, a cabinet that begins to place intermediate officials and that the State works properly.” For its part, the right-wing Alliance for Progress party welcomed the decision of the head of state and added that “Peru needs stability to generate work, development and face challenges.” After Bellido’s resignation from the Executive, he asked Congress to cease his license as a parliamentarian in order to resume his legislative functions and join the caucus of the ruling Party Perú Libre.The spokesman of the Free Peru caucus, Waldemar Cerrón, called an emergency meeting of his legislators to discuss these issues, while outside the Government Palace a group of supporters expressed their support for the outgoing prime minister. In turn, the secretary general of Perú Libre, Vladimir Cerrón, said on Twitter that Bellido “marked a before and after” in the presidency of the Council of Ministers and that he is a “politician consistent with his ideas, with campaign promises, with the Constituent Assembly, with the dawn of the new homeland.” The president will have to choose before the dilemma of the conservative or the revolutionary,” said the leader of the ruling party, which declares itself of Marxist ideology.

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