They determine that Chano’s clothes had gunpowder and will make a new evaluation

The recent expertise to the clothes worn by Santiago “Chano” Moreno Charpentier, the night he presented a “picture of psychomotor excitement” and was shot by a policeman in his home of the Exaltation of the Cross party on July 25, had gunpowder. This was indicated by an 11-page report, to which Telam had access, detailing that the Topman brand jacket worn by the former vocalist of Tan Bionica presents “gunshot residues due to the presence of particles characteristic of GRS”, that is, traces of lead, antimony and barium, three elements that are detached when a shot is fired.
“As the distance between the sampled individual and the detonation point is smaller, the concentration of characteristic particles (lead, antimony and barium) with respect to the environmental particles becomes greater. That is, the relative amount of particles characteristic of GSR waste decreases with the distance to the point of detonation of the firearm that originates such waste, “reported the experts of the Institute of Criminal Investigation and Forensic Sciences of the Buenos Aires Attorney General’s Office as one of their conclusions of the expertise.

Chano Charpentier | Photo: Instagram @chanotb

On this report, the lawyer Fernando Soto, defender of the policeman Facundo Amendolara (27) interpreted that at the time of firing the cash “had the musician nearby” (at a distance of “between 50 and 70 centimeters”) and acted in “legitimate defense.” This proves what we said about the distance (from where it was fired) and the danger from which Amendolara had to defend,” the lawyer told the media, advancing that he will request that he be dismissed. On the other hand, Soto reported the negative result to the policeman’s blood samples regarding substance use. Amendolara is charged with the crime of “very serious injuries aggravated by the use of a firearm and by having been committed by a police officer,” which provides for 15 years in prison.
In any case, other judicial sources consulted by the media, that although the expertise yielded “a favorable result to the accused”, the prosecutor Martín Zocca, of the Functional Unit of Instruction (UFI) 1 of Zárate-Campana, has yet to analyze it in detail. By Wednesday of next week, a psychiatric evaluation of Chano’s condition will be carried out, based on the clinical history, reports from the Otamendi Sanatorium, where he was hospitalized after being shot, and from the psychiatric clinic where he was transferred to attend to his mental health.

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