Trial of the Caniggia brothers for minor injuries and threats began

This week began the trial against Brothers Alex and Charlotte Caniggia for an event that happened in the summer of 2017 in the province of Còrdoba. Both are accused of minor injuries and threats to journalist Pablo Layús, who at the time, worked as part of the cast of Intruders and witnessed an incident at the Keops nightclub. Prosecutor Mercedes Balestrini requested five months of conditional jail time for Charlotte Caniggia while for Alex Caniggia, she asked for suspended prison of one year and four months. The same for his former manager Fabián Alberto Esperón, who could be sentenced to two years and four months in prison with conditional compliance.
In addition, it was requested that the three be referred to community work and psychological treatment, leaving these sentences on hold. 

Photo| Paul Layus

It should be noted that the hearing began later due to the absence of Charlotte who said she felt decomposed. Even so, the justice system considered going to look for her by the public force, Layus said on his news portal. 

Defense asked for acquittal for lack of evidence. Now the judge must analyze. There will be no verdict today. It is hoped that it can be tomorrow — PabloLayus (@PabloLayus)
October 5, 2021

Where he also attached the video of what happened that night of February 16 while Celebrating Charlotte’s birthday in the renowned Cordoban bowling alley, and a fight between the then boyfriend of the young woman, Lohan, and his brother Alex ended with the intervention of the security personnel of the Keops disco.The son of the Caniggia Bird tried to throw one of the employees down a ladder in a very violent way and while the journalist recorded the events, Charlotte hit the chronicler’s cell phone breaking it, while he received aggressions and threats from the boys’ managger. 

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