Deer manages to get even at home against Tomateros de Culiacán

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Venados de Mazatlan managed to vindicate the opening game in Culiacán and beat Tomateros 4-2, in the opening game at the Teodoro Mariscal.A deep triple to ricardo Valenzuela’s center, in the seventh inning was the nail to break the tie and give the triumph to the Rojos del Puerto. Randy Romero and Ricky Alvarez were also timely in producing one run each. Runs It was in the third inning when the Reds went out on the scoreboard, with a run scored by Randy Romero.
Romero anchored himself in first base by strike, reached third with a hit by David Olmedo Barrera and managed to ring thanks to an unstoppable to the center of Ricky Álvarez, thus being the first damage on the serpentine of Aldo Montes.
Culiacán managed to turn the slate around in the high fifth. Emmanuel Ávila and Diego Madero achieved consecutive unstoppable, then came the bats of Alan Sánchez, with a single to the center and Yoelkis Guibert, with rolled to first, to produce, leaving the score 2-1.For the sixth, Mazatlan could respond. With two outs, he managed to tie the game. Ramón Ríos achieved unstoppable, then with infidelhit Edson García anchored himself in the trails and overtook “La Pulpa”, later Randy Romero would arrive, to with a single to the right to promote Rios that rang the 2-2In the next episode, Mazatlan took the lead again, Morgan Mc Cullough and Carlos Muñoz reached the trails and managed to step on the plate with a triple to the center of Ricardo Valenzuela, Leaving the score 4-2.Pitching Aldo Montes achieved a five-inning outing, where he allowed one run, three unstoppable, three passports and three strikeouts.
He was seconded by Franciso Villegas, Luis Verdugo, Santiago Gutiérrez (he was defeated), Jesús Castillo and Jesús Sainz.
Mitch Lively got a start with six innings of work, where he had two runs, five walks, a base and fanned five opponents. Read more: By force! Miguel “Mago” González was taken to Julio Cesar Chavez’s clinic. Ferrol Heredia, Marco Rivas (won the game), Iván Zavala and Roberto Epinosa (the save was scored). Today, Venados rests and goes into action tomorrow against the Mayos of Navojoa, at 20:00 hours in the Teodoro Mariscal. Francisco Ríos will be in charge of climbing the hill.

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