Anti-corruption initiative frozen in Sinaloa Congress

Sinaloa.- The Citizen Participation Committee of the State and Municipal Anti-Corruption System of Sinaloa asked the State Congress to remove from the freezer, the initiative of reforms and additions to the Municipal Government Law, which was presented more than two years ago to the 63rd legislature, which raises the existence of a duplicity of powers between the attorney generals and the Internal Control Bodies, which must be corrected. Soledad Astrain Fraire, president of this citizen body, explained that soon they will go to the Office of Parties to ratify the initiative that was delivered on June 11, 2019 for analysis and opinion, but to date, the Commission of Constitutional Points and Governance, did not respond to the promoters. The initiative exposes some of those powers, attributions and responsibilities to which the reform referred, were already reserved to the OIC in the Municipal Government Law of the State of Sinaloa itself; in such a way that some powers with the solicitor trustees are currently duplicated; as well as in contrast to the provisions of article 109 section III of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States, since the latter figure is not mentioned in the Law of the Anti-Corruption System of the State and is not the competent authority to apply the Law of Administrative Responsibilities of the State. the Ombudsman, the Internal Control Bodies and the performance of their powers in matters of administrative responsibilities, as well as in the recognition · of the legal personality before the Court of Administrative Justice and the Attorney General’s Office of the State.For the foregoing it is necessary to delimit the attributions of each of the aforementioned instances of the municipalities, harmonizing the Law of Municipal Government with the Federal Constitution, the Constitution of the State, the General Law of Administrative Responsibilities, and the Law of Administrative Responsibilities of the State, thus strengthening the performance of the Internal Control Bodies and obtaining results in terms of responsibilities and, therefore, in the issue of anti-corruption. Read more: Desperate mother! Continue search for Ana Victoria in Culiacán, Sinaloa, her father did not return her homeAstrain Fraire explained that the attorney general must be in charge of the function of social comptroller and the procuration of the defense of the interests of the City Council, as well as receive and attend to the report of any irregularity, complaint or complaint that is presented by the social comptrollers, and detect the conduct that may be constituted as an administrative offense to refer it to the competent authority of the OIC, which is responsible for the investigation. Lorenzo Córdova insists that the INE is the “most reliable” institution

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