Claudio Bravo: “We appeal to the spirit, to believe when things did not happen”

The captain of the Chilean team, Claudio Bravo, did not hide his joy for the triumph of the national team by 2-0 over Paraguay, in San Carlos de Apoquindo, for the date 5 of the South American Qualifiers to the World Cup in Qatar 2022.La ‘Roja’ just reached on this day his second victory on the long road to the next World Cup. He had not won since November 13, 2020, when he beat Peru 2-0 at the National Stadium.The goalkeeper of the ‘Team of All’ declared in the foothills that “I think in the first place we were ourselves. We had the feeling of momentum that we had had in other matches. It was similar to the meeting we had with Bolivia, where we deserved to rescue something more positive. We also had the feeling of doing things right with Brazil, which we were not fortunate 2000 to get the result.” Today it leaves us with a good feeling, of competing, of doing things in a good way. We appeal to the spirit, to believe in ourselves when things are not happening. We leave with a good feeling, not like in Peru,” he added. In addition, the Real Betis goalkeeper valued the unconditional support of the fans of the ‘Team of All’, who today went en masse to support the team led by Martín Lasarte. Fantastic the public. Thank you to all the people who came to support, more in the condition of this party. Maybe hope was receding. Feeling the affection of the people is fantastic. That is also positive, it adds up at all levels of competition. Our feeling is that people were with us at all times,” he said. It is very encouraging that people are with us, especially when things are not happening to you. We came from negative things, we knew that today the scenario was complicated. Already before the meeting, in the hotel, in the warm-up, feeling the people is fantastic. It fills us with enthusiasm,” he added. To conclude, Bravo said that “we were very excited and eager, but there is a much more valuable game against Venezuela.” 

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