Diesel increases; one more blow to the fishing sector

Ahome, Sinaloa.- The president of Fishing Cooperatives of Altamar in Topolobampo reported that despite the strong crisis that this entire sector is experiencing due to the shortage of shrimp, fishermen are hit in their economy because it increased one more weight per liter the diesel fuel for boats, when a boat requires 3,200 liters a day. Carlos Sotelo Monge commented that the crustacean is very scarce, since only by boat they capture an average of approximately 120 kilos. Increase Captain Sotelo stressed that despite the critical situation in which they find themselves, it is regrettable that bad news continues to arrive for the fishing sector, since the price of diesel fuel increased by one peso, which would become counterproductive for the 650 boats that leave daily in search of the capture of shrimp on the high seas. He explained that for a ship to go abroad it requires a minimum of three thousand 200 liters per day, however, there are occasions in which they have to leave for 22 days where a total of 30 thousand liters of diesel have to be loaded, which has been an approximate of 600 thousand pesos. He explained that every season a contract is made with the diesel distributors in Topolobampo, however, they charge five percent per invoice, and this implies a weight per liter, but in addition to this they also increased a weight to the fuel for the boats. ” This is more disastrous, apart from there is another weight of increase in fuel, it is one more blow, it is more worrying for us because the times are not for this, “said Sotelo Monge.Shortage of shrimp He pointed out that it is increasingly frequent to see the shortage in the capture of the most anticipated crustacean throughout the state of Sinaloa, since the times are not flattering for the fishing sector because so far they continue to catch an average of 120 kilos per boat, which is little for cooperatives, since before they exceeded 300 kilos. It is currently rare to reach more than three or four tons a day.” We already have 15 days and we can already give ourselves an idea of the unflattering season, however, some can grab up to 400 kilos a day, the average is 120, but others arrive with 20 kilos a day.” Support He stressed that they will request support from the government, since debts and expenses continue to increase and the capture is not being enough to cover the expenses of the operation. Pamela’s threat unleashes panic buying in Mazatlan

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