After the crossing with Nik, PRO deputies ask to question Aníbal Fernández

PRO deputies asked for the interpellation of the Minister of National Security, Aníbal Fernández, to explain “the use of private information of citizen Cristian Dzwonik (Nik)”, after the crossing on Twitter between the official and the graphic humorist, and the statements against former President Mauricio Macri. ” Under the terms of article 71 of the National Constitution, to question the Minister of Security, Aníbal Domingo Fernández, to provide a report on the use of private information of citizen Cristian Dzwonik, known by his artistic name ‘Nik’, and his family, and the subsequent statements insulting the victim and other opposition leaders, among other issues related to its function,” says the draft resolution presented by the deputies who are part of the interbloc of Together for Change in the Lower House.

The proposal bears the signature of legislators Soher El Sukaria; Adriana Ruarte; Cristian Ritondo; Gisela Scaglia; Martin Grande; David Schleret; Ingrid Jetter; Dina Rezinovski; Martin Medina; Carmen Polledo; María de las Mercedes Joury and María Luján Rey.” Give away refrigerators, bottles, graduate trips, plans, plate, whatever, whatever comes. How sad never to hear the word WORK, EFFORT, FUTURE, FUTURE. It will defeat them again the DIGNITY of the people, “had published a few days ago the cartoonist, on his Twitter account, within the framework of the announcements that the national government has been making. In the same way, the head of the Security portfolio replied: “Many schools and colleges of the CABA receive subsidies from the state and it is fine. For example the ORT school/college. Do you know her? If you know it… Or do you want me to make you a drawing? Excellent school I guarantee. I repeat… Do you know him?” After the questioning, leaders of the ruling party, such as the Chief of Cabinet, Juan Manzur, and the candidate for deputy for the City of Buenos Aires, Leandro Santoro, differed from the minister. The opposition, for its part, called for Fernández’s resignation and former President Mauricio Macri shared an extensive thread on Twitter, titled “We are all Nik,” in which he criticized the government and assured that “the end of this dark era is near.” Yesterday afternoon, Fernández spoke with Clarín. When asked by journalist Alejandro Alfie why he mentioned the ORT school – which, we know now, Nik’s daughters attend – Fernández replied: “How can I know if your daughters go to that school?” You are the Minister of Security and you have a lot of information,” the journalist replied. And then Fernandez said, “No, that’s what (Mauricio) Macri’s son of a bitch does. I don’t do that.” Then, Together for Change demanded that the minister apologize and, now, seeks to take it to Congress.

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