“El Tigre Verón” returns with Julio Chávez: when the second season arrives

Julio Chávez returns in the second season of “El Tigre Verón”. The series was Polka’s first to resume filming amid the coronavirus outbreak pandemic, and will now have a place on the small screen and streaming. The first episode arrives at El Trece on Sunday 17 at 23 hours, while from Flow it can be seen in full from Monday 18. Composed of eight episodes, this second part will follow the Tiger, who after leaving prison, seeks to recover the union. He knows that Cueto, the intervener, has played a trick on him and has put in his place the Alvarado brothers, two criminals, ruthless quacks, who intend to settle legally in the post.

“Helped by his own, Verón will try to return to his place, but the Alvarado throw a dead man at him: Cueto. Veron’s goal is divided into two: to regain his position while trying to prove his innocence. In this all-out war, El Tigre will put his skills as a leader and strategist at stake. However, his bet will come at too high a cost to his family: his son Fabito (Marco Caponi) – in the process of recovering from his addictions with the help of an evangelical pastor – will suffer relapses that will call into question his ability to succeed his father; his daughter Justina (Sofía Gala Castiglione) will be threatened again by “El Tano” Di Césare (Diego Cremonesi), father of her son and whom the Alvarados make come into play. His wife Marina struggles to keep her secret hidden and, when overcome by circumstances, will make a drastic decision,” the synopsis advances.

The Veron Tiger | Photo: Courtesy of the press

The cast is completed by Andrea Pietra, Luis Luque, Claudio Da Passano, Germán De Silva, Lautaro Delgado Tymruk, Gerardo Chendo, Nicolás García Hume, Juan Ignacio Machado, Daniel De Vita, Marcelo Domínguez, Pablo Ríos, Pablo Mónaco, Carlos Issa, Nina Spinetta and Ailín Salas.Written by Germán Maggiori and Marcos Osorio Vidal, “El Tigre Verón” is directed by Daniel Barone.La review by Marco Antonio Caponi to Polka
The actor not only plays one of the central characters in the series but also had a special participation in “Separated”, the daily strip that Polka raised during the second month of quarantine. It was then that Adrián Suar, head of the production company, issued a statement about the crisis facing his company, to which Caponi responded with a harsh message through his networks.

“Impunity and abuse continue to be present, this company not only fired employees and financed itself with our salaries, it also used the State and did not comply with their share. And the most serious and unforgivable thing is that he was in charge of sowing fear and generating mental instability in each one of us and at an extremely fragile and disturbing moment in life for any human being. Don’t brag about wanting to save the industry, because all you do is tear it apart and tear us apart. Respect the work! And comply,” he concluded.

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