First arson attack in Traiguén after announcement of state of emergency: three trucks and four forestry machines were destroyed

A new arson attack was registered on Tuesday in the commune of Traiguén, region of La Araucanía, leaving the balance of three trucks, three vans and four forestry machines destroyed inside the Santa Lidia farm.
This is the first attack since President Sebastián Piñera decreed yesterday the state of constitutional emergency in the southern macrozone due to the acts of violence in the area.
The prefect of The Carabineros de Malleco, Colonel Cristian Mancilla, explained that “six hooded subjects, carrying firearms, entered and intimidated forest workers and later made a tour applying accelerant to different machinery. As they retreated, they fired multiple shots at people.”
“Upon retreating, (the subjects) fired multiple shots at people. Meanwhile, the Public Ministry ordered that the experts and the investigation be carried out by personnel of the Investigation Police (PDI),” Mancilla said.
The Organ of Territorial Resistance (ORT) Pelontraro of the Arauco Malleco Coordinator (CAM) claimed responsibility for the attack, noting that it is a process of “defense” against the “offensive” of President Piñera.
The statement says that “in Traiguén on the way to Lumaco, in the Santa Lidia Estate, the ORT Pelontraro of the CAM responds to the offensive of the Government of Sebastián Piñera, who sent the military to the Wallmapu to attack the Mapuche autonomist movement, this in defense of the interests of big capital, forestry and settlers.”
“We will respond in this way with the conviction to rebuild and defend our lof and itrofilmongen,” which in Mapudungun means “biodiversity,” the statement adds.

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